Nyheter - 27th November 2019

Nordics photo round-up from 23/11

Faelledparken cover

Welcome to this week’s photo round-up from the Nordics. 999 runners, joggers and walkers came to our events this weekend, we hope to find that missing parkrunner before this weekend! Here’s some of the action shots from the week that was:
Huddinge 2

Huddinge 100

Congratulations to Huddinge parkrun who celebrated their 100th event this weekend
A stunning morning in Helsinki for Tokoinranta parkrun, the sun coming up just in time for parkrun
Tokoinranta vols
And thanks to this week’s volunteers who made the magic happen there!
Toyen high five 2
Toyen high five
High fives from Tøyen parkrun in Oslo!
This week’s start-line photo from Skatås parkrun, congratulations to David Mallard for running his 50th parkrun this Saturday!
Chatting at the finish of this week’s Vallaskogen parkrun
At the finish of this week’s Växjösjön parkrun
Amager Faelled
On the first lap of this week’s Amager Fælled parkrun. A shout out to Thomas Holbech who recently completed his 250th parkrun, well done!
This week’s Nibe parkrun in Denmark, where both Rasmus Krogsgaard Matthiesen and Ronny Sloht Andersen celebrated their 100th runs.
Esbjerg 2

Some photos from this week’s Esbjerg parkrun
Örebro vols
This week’s volunteer team at Örebro parkrun, happy smiles despite the grey skies
Stavanger start
Ready for the start at Stavanger parkrun, where 57 parkrunners took part this week
Stavanger hill
And the stunning view that greeted them from the top of the hill – downhill to the finish from here!
Faelledparken vols
Hello from the volunteers at this week’s Fælledparken parkrun
How many volunteers can you fit into a selfie frame? Fælledparken parkrun has the answer!
Hugh Manning 250
Haga cakes
Hugh Manning ran his 250th run at Haga parkrun this weekend……and baked some brownies which the volunteers enjoyed during the run!

Tampere cafe
Packed out in the café after this week’s Tampere parkrun
And the parkrun volunteer team for this week’s event in Tampere
Vääksy flag
Getting the parkrun flag ready for this week’s Vääskyn kanava parkrun
Uppsala finish
The finish funnel at this week’s Uppsala parkrun, another event which has continued to grow throughout 2019
Geir Dommesmoen
Thanks to Geir Solgaard, this week’s first-time Run Director at Dømmesmoen parkrun
Lovstien vols
Thanks to this week’s volunteers at Løvstien parkrun, Bergen!

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