Nyheter - 3rd December 2019

parkrunner of the week – Roger Erenbo

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Meet Roger Erenbo, a Malmö local who got to hear about parkrun from visitors to the city – and has never looked back!

How did you first hear about parkrun?
From a Airbnb guest, Francesca Hutcheson and her daughter when they visited the city for the first Malmö Ribersborg parkrun.
What’s your favourite things about parkrun?
I get up on Saturdays and meet a lot of positive people who are smart enough to take care of themselves with some training.

And what’s the best thing about your home parkrun?
To see the beautiful Ribersborg beach all year around, to run one loop with no hills, the possibility to have fika with people afterward and to get to know people and visitors from all over the world.

If you’ve run parkruns other than your home run, which are your favourites, and why?
I have done parkrun in Warszawa (but there’s not a chance that I can remember the name of the event!), and in Burgess Park in London. Both are nice places but I was in London for Christmas and in Warszawa in the summer so it’s hard to compare them, there were friendly and nice people at both.

In one sentence – how would you convince someone who’s never been to parkrun before that they should go along and try it?
It’s a perfect start every Saturday, it’s free and you only do it for your own health (and in Malmö the first coffee is on me!)



Roger Erenbo
Malmö Ribersborg parkrun

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