Nyheter - 3rd December 2019

The weekend’s parkrun photos from a cold and snowy Nordics

Örebro another one cover

This week the colder weather came across most of the region and led to several cancellations, with Uppsala, Kungsängen, Festningen and Tokoinranta all falling to the weather. But 21 events survived the snow and ice – here’s some of the best photos from around the region:

Amager Faelled
Long shadows at this week’s Amager Fælled parkrun
Eva Gjerløv Bangsgaard 100
And congratulations to Eva Gjerløv Bangsgaard who was celebrating her 100th parkrun at the event

A cold clear morning at this week’s Brabrand parkrun
Esbjerg 465
The flour tells the story – this week’s Esbjerg parkrun #465

Esbjerg finishers
And a couple of finishers coming over the line this Saturday at Esbjerg

Haga sun
Setting up the course with the sun coming up at this week’s Haga parkrun

Snowy scenes after the finish at Haga parkrun

Huddinge 10
Huddinge parkrun have taken back the record for the most number of faces squeezing into a selfie frame!
Huddinge winter
Tail walker Johan Faxer in the magical forest at Huddinge parkrun
Kungsängen tree
Pretty clear why Kungsängen parkrun didn’t go ahead on Saturday – we hope that the tree is cleared before next Saturday!
Lovstien view
We never get tired of the views over Bergen from Løvstien parkrun
Malmö 2
Blue skies and chilly temperatures at Malmö Ribersborg parkrun
Örebro 50
Congratulations to Linda Pettersson who ran her 50th parkrun at Örebro parkrun this week
Örebro another one
Out on the course at Orebro, great photos as always from Jimmy Glinnerås
Örebro start
Good morning from the start at Örebro parkrun
Skatås frost
Another beautiful morning scene, this time from Skatås parkrun

Tampere snow
Tampere finish line
Photos from this week’s Tampere parkrun, with a great pic from the finish line

Tampere visitors
Vistors from the UK who made their way to Tampere from Helsinki after Tokoinranta parkrun was cancelled on Friday night
Toyen finish
Looking towards the finish at a snow dusted Tøyen parkrun
Vääksy kanava wheelchair 2
Vääksy kanava wheelchair
Respect to this wheelchair athlete from Russia who visited this week’s snowy Vääksyn kanava parkrun in Finland
Vallaskogen 1
Coming out of the forest after the first lap at this week’s Vallaskogen parkrun
Good morning from a chilly Vejen parkrun in Denmark

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