Nyheter - 8th December 2019

Nordics photo round-up from 7th December

Skatås 1 cover

Welcome to this week’s parkrun photo round-up, which was a very wet affair in most parts of our region! Well done to all the runners, joggers, walkers and volunteers who came out and joined in the fun, despite the weather.

Krister 50 run Valla
Christer Liljefelt, usually a regular at Huddinge parkrun, paid a visit to Vallaskogen parkrun to complete his 50th parkrun – congratulations!
Home 50 at Stavanger
And another milestone to celebrate, Stavanger’s first ‘home grown’ 50-parkrunner, Kjetil Jåsund
The biggest parkrun of the day was again at Fælledparken, where 110 people came to the start line this week
Amager Strandpark
At the finish line at a windy Amager Strandpark parkrun
The first downhill at this week’s Dømmesmoen parkrun
45 parkrunners splashed through the puddles at Tokoinranta parkrun in Helsinki on Saturday
Växjösjön 1
Växjösjön 2
Some photos from this week’s Växjösjön parkrun
The beautiful backdrop of the ‘Copper Tents’ (Kopptälten) at Haga parkrun
Stephen claw huddinge 50
Presenting another 50-shirt- Stephen Claw reached the milestone at Huddinge parkrun
This week’s start-line shot from Vejen parkrun
Malmö 3

Malmö 2

Some lovely portaits of the people taking part at this week’s Malmö Ribersborg parkrun
Örebro littleun
A perfect fit! Starting volunteering young at Örebro parkrun
Örebro 1
And the whole volunteer team at Örebro parkrun
Vääksy 2
The start line, as the sun just comes up at Vääksyn kanava parkrun
A little brighter for the volunteer photo-call also at Vääksyn kanava parkrun

Skatås dog
Canine help at this week’s Skatås parkrun
Skatås 1
And the start line at the same Skatås parkrun
Post-parkrun coffee and buns, Esbjerg parkrun style
Some volunteer team pictures, first from the fantastic team at Uppsala parkrun…..
…..and then from up on the hill at Løvstien parkrun, Bergen
Stavanger hill
Tough going with a running buggy, at the start of the hill at Stavanger parkrun
Nordre Faelled
And finally, participants and dogs get ready to run at Nordre Fælled parkrun

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