Nyheter - 14th January 2020

parkrun Stats

Esbjerg cover

This week at parkrun in the Nordics there have been:

24 events!
1155 finishers!
158 fantastic volunteers!
123 brilliant PBs!
125 amazing first-time parkrunners!
209 newly registered parkrunners!

It was also another incredible record for parkrun around the world, with over 345,000 people taking part in a parkrun last Saturday, an increase of nearly 10,000 from the previous week’s record. Adding in the volunteers and the junior parkrunners on the Sunday, this took the official figure of people being involved in parkrun on a single weekend to over 400,000 for the first time ever.

Dela med vänner:

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It’s definitely true – the Norwegian parkrunners love a mountain! We received this report from Cristina Pulido Ulvang, whom together with her family took on another seriously hilly (not)parkrun challenge last week. Cristina takes up the story:   “Our family is heavily involved in volunteering at Tøyen parkrun. Our youngest, Patrick, has kept us running…


How insight guides the way

As the growth of parkrun continues apace (even during a worldwide pandemic) understanding the views and attitudes of 7 million registered parkrunners is not only critical to the organisation’s decision making, but also incredibly challenging. The evolution of parkrun, from a single event and a handful of participants, to thousands of locations across five continents…