Nyheter - 4th March 2020

Another new event in Sweden – Norre katts parkrun, Halmstad

Norre Katts cover

We’re delighted to welcome a new inclusion to the parkrun family in the Nordics – Norre katts parkrun in Halmstad, Sweden!
The event will be kicking off on March 28th in the beautiful west coast city of Halmstad, which is located roughly halfway between Malmö and Göteborg. It will therefore fill a parkrun gap between Malmö Ribersborg and Skatås parkruns in this side of the country.
The course is a two-lapper in the centre of town, taking in a circuit along the paths on either side of the river Nissan. The start and finish is in Norre katts park, close to the historic city centre, near to a selection of interesting local cafes which are perfect for that all-important post-parkrun coffee.

Norre Katts 3

Norre Katts 2

Norre Katts 1
The idea to bring parkrun to Halmstad has been driven by Jonas Eklöf, who ran his first parkrun back in 2014 and immediately loved it.
jonas eklof
“It was a great experience. The combination of getting people active and to meet and to get to know new people.”
“parkrun can be both an easy run, or a chance to compete against yourself – or others. It means that parkrun works whichever mood you’re in – whether you want to run fast or sometimes just to get outside and get around the course. It’s also a little structure for people’s training if they want it and a chance to see how you’re progressing. And it’s perfect if you’re just getting started. Or if you want to run with the whole family.”
“Above all it’s about the people whom you meet before, during and after the parkrun. Together we will create a great parkrun in Halmstad!”
Together in the planning has been Russian Galina Kovleiskaia, who knows parkrun from back in Russia, where there over 70 events and over 100,000 people registered. Galina came to Sweden in 2017 and immediately missed having parkrun where she lived.
Galina at parkrun
She writes “The first parkrun I ran on 28th March 2015. It was an amazing feeling to be running together with other like-minded people. I fell in love with running! To begin with, I just ran at parkrun on Saturdays. Then I started running two, three, four times a week all year round and even on holiday.”
“I want to follow my dream to run the marathon again (I have run one marathon so far) and then a 50km race perhaps. I love running and the happiness that goes with it and I know that one beautiful day I will achieve these goals.”

Registration for Halmstad parkrun will start in early March, ready for the launch date of March 28th.
Welcome to the west coast and to Norre katts parkrun!
Thanks to Julia Nesterenko for all the photos

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