Nyheter - 20th July 2020

(not) parkrun is a sky-high success!

Mountain 4 top cover

Since (not)parkrun has been launched, many parkrunners have been creatively finding the fastest possible route for their 5km, seeking out a starting point at the top of a hill, and winding their way downwards for the duration of the run.
But in Norway, Martin Callanan – parkrunneer and Event Director of the world’s most northerly parkrun, Festningen parkrun in Trondheim – has been doing the very opposite – his most recent (not)parkrun involved a climb up Norway’s highest mountain, Galdhøpiggan!
Mountain 3 bottom
Together with his partner Tale Baadsvik (also one of the founding core-team members of Festningen parkrun) and his three sons, Martin made the long climb up to the 2469m mountain summit. Conditions were fair at lower heights, but the weather deteriorated as the group climbed up through the clouds to the snow-capped upper reaches of the mountain.
mountain 1

Martin tshirt
Luckily there’s a mountain cabin near the top so Martin was able to reveal his apricot t-shirt for a photograph for posterity!
Mountain 2 route
The total distance was just over 6km, but Martin registered the time taken for the last 5km, 4:02:25. The only problem was that the system wouldn’t accept it! parkrun HQ had set a maximum time of 2:59:59 for (not) parkruns not expecting that times of over 4 hours would ever be recorded.
Since the start of the lockdown, the Festningen parkrun core team have been keeping in touch and meeting up for socially distanced coffees and runs while they patiently wait for parkrun to return. (not)parkrun has given them another reason to get out and be active, and for Martin, to do something enjoyable together as a family.
“The (not) parkrun looks like it is slowly catching on” says Martin. “And parkrun people are very creative so I think we’ll be seeing lots of cool routes/finishes as time goes on.”
It will be hard to beat this for a (not)parkrun – but maybe someone else out there has already done this?!

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