Nyheter - 4th November 2020

Celebrating #parktoberfest


The 31st of October marked the end of #parktoberfest, our month long celebration of being physically active, together and outdoors. We encouraged the parkrun community to inspire and motivate their friends, family, neighbours and colleagues and join them, in person or virtually, for a (not)parkrun.


We kicked off with a number 16 theme, in a nod to the 16th anniversary of the first ever parkrun, which took place in London’s Bushy Park on 2 October 2004, with 13 intrepid parkrunners and five volunteers.


During this first week of the campaign, 17,502 people logged 28,333 (not)parkruns and we welcomed 1,501 first timers to (not)parkrun and 190 people completely new to parkrun.


We saw lots of you getting creative with the number 16, photographing postboxes, number plates, house numbers, road signs, and even laying out kit to form the number 16.


Screenshot 2020-11-04 at 11.24.11


For the second week of #parktoberfest we encouraged togetherness, asking parkrunners to bring along a person new to parkrun. Inspiring someone else to complete a (not)parkrun, together in person or virtually, helps keep people connected to their communities.


17,555 (not)parkrunners logged a 5k that week, with an average time of 34:09. Another 191 first timers joined the global parkrun family too.




The challenge was on in the third week of #parktoberfest, as parkruns locally and internationally competed for their respective top spots on the leaderboard.


It was Witney parkrun in the UK that had the most participants with 213, and their parkrunners completed 2,210 (not)parkruns through #parktoberfest as a whole.




#parktoberfest culminated in a Halloween spooktacular as we saw witches-a-walking, pumpkins-a-pacing and 28,089 (not)parkrunners.




During the month of October, on our mission to continue making the world a healthier and happier place, #parktoberfest saw a grand total of 30,005 people log 112,059 (not)parkruns, including 742 first timers and an average overall finish time of 34:22.


1,732 events were represented across 20 countries, and there have been more than 6,000 (not)parkrunners who have not yet completed a parkrun – a huge welcome to the parkrun family and we can’t wait to meet you at an event when we can!




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