Nyheter - 12th January 2021

My #parkrunresolution

Nathan alberto running cover

Even in Sweden, where we have not experienced a strict lockdown like many other European countries, we’re still unable to gather in large groups, which of course includes parkrun. Running has become more of a solitary pursuit, with running clubs and groups having to put their training on hold. And now of course the first snow of the season has fallen, and the temperatures have fallen below freezing. It’s definitely the time of year where a bit – or maybe a lot – of motivation is required to get up off the sofa, get wrapped up warm and get outside for a walk, jog or run.
So it’s perfect time for a #parkrunresolution, parkrun’s version of a New Year’s resolution, to seize the opportunity for a fresh start in 2021, and get into some good habits for the year ahead. It’s deliberately non-prescriptive – it doesn’t have to be about running faster or longer, but rather it’s just what’s important for YOU, to trigger you to get outside and get active.
For me, I’d spent December on another running challenge, totting up lots of kilometres, but lots of it out on my own. So my first #parkrunresolution was to get out and see some people in January, and have a month of ‘social’ running. A post on social media brought in a fair few offers, and I’m looking forward to getting together with friends throughout the month.
So far I’ve managed a walk with friend (and Huddinge Event Director) Colm, a first outing for old football friends from Långholmen FC, a virtual online session led by Rubin at Urban Tribes (not quite a physical meet-up this one, but we live in unusual times), a run with my friend Håkan locally, some crazy running in the snow with Niklas, a long walk in the forest with my family and a wonderful long run with Nathan and Alberto. Wonderful!
The other #parkrunresolution I have is to try and get out every day and do some form of exercise, whether it’s a walk, jog or run. Some days it’s not always easy, but one of my running mottos is ‘you never regret going for a run’ and that is so true, you always feel better afterwards!
So, what’s your #parkrunresolution? I hope that you too can find something that motivates you to get out and get active this January.
family walk
(A final thought – it’s never too late to start a resolution, even if you missed the beginning of January. Tomorrow is a new day, and the day after that, and the day after that – all new days too!)
Deri Thomas
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