News - 18th February 2021

Never alone


It’s the penultimate week of our New Year campaign, The parkrun Resolution.


Your #parkrunresolution might be a personal journey, but you are never alone.


At the dawn of 2021 we invited you to set your own parkrun Resolution, and we made a commitment to support you every single step of the way. Every week we’ve shared helpful hints and tips, motivational videos, and stories from our amazing parkrunners across the globe.


This was especially important for those who didn’t, and maybe still don’t, yet have parkrun events back in their lives. We all need an extra bit of motivation and encouragement sometimes. We hope you’ve enjoyed being part of this shared journey and have already reaped some fantastic rewards.


Although so much has happened in the last seven weeks, we also know that really meaningful change can take time.


In its first five years parkrun recorded 204,000 participants around the world, there were a further 7.2 million in the second five years, and a further 46.9 million in the third five years.


It’s taken 16 years for parkrun to grow and evolve to the delivery of more than 2200 events globally, with almost 300,000 participants each week.


The same is true of The parkrun Resolution. Be patient with yourself.


Although you might not experience all the benefits of any changes as quickly as you might want to, over time you’ll look back and be amazed at just how far you have come.


It’s well known that parkrun was founded back in 2004, by Paul Sinton-Hewitt CBE. It was a dreary October morning when thirteen intrepid parkrunners and five volunteers took part for the very first time.


parkrun’s growth and, more importantly, its incredible impact around the world, can be attributed to the whole parkrun community.


This includes a small team of global staff, more than half a million volunteers, everyone who walks, jogs and runs at the events, our sponsors and partners, the media… the list goes on.


It is a collective effort built on a shared vision, commitment, dedication, perseverance and passion.


The same can be said for The parkrun Resolution journey. Of course, you are striving to achieve a personal goal, but the value comes from sharing that with others; from feeling part of a community.


We hope that, even if you are distanced from others, you still feel that you are part of a collective, collaborative effort where the pleasure, praise, even the problems and pitfalls can be shared – with the journey being all the richer for that experience.


Think about this in terms of a parkrun event. You may travel to the event alone and might be a newcomer, but by the end of the event you’d have interacted with countless different people, from the volunteer delivering the First Timer Welcome, to the person standing next to you during the Pre Event Briefing, to the many cheering volunteers at the side of the course, the person you fall into step with as you reach the 3k point, that same person who quickly becomes a friend as you go through the finish funnel, who you continue to chat to as you both greet the Barcode Scanner and who you decide to join for a bit of post-parkrun chat.


It can be a personal journey, but you are never alone.


As we get ready to wave goodbye to the seventh week of the campaign, you might have nearly completed your parkrun Resolution. With the thought of friendship and community in mind, we’d love for you to give a shout out to those who have supported you. Maybe you could connect with them directly, by phone or in person, you could give them a shout out on social media or contact us here and tell us all about those people who have been in your corner with a word of encouragement, a helping hand or a piece of advice.


When the drum roll sounds to mark the end of The parkrun Resolution journey, a collective celebration will help make that very special occasion even sweeter.




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