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How to volunteer

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parkruns are volunteer run events, and the beauty of parkrun is that anyone and everyone can be a volunteer! You can volunteer regularly, or just once in a while. It’s easy, rewarding, and helps your local parkrun team to put on the event every Saturday. Here’s a simple reminder of how to volunteer:
1. Send a mail to your parkrun
The simplest way to put yourself down as a volunteer is to send a mail to your local parkrun. You can find their mail address on the event’s home page – it will be (i.e. Just say what day you can volunteer (it can be next week, or long in advance), and if you have a preference, you can say what role you might like (or not like!) to do. Include your parkrun barcode number to make it easy to find you in the system. The parkrun team will be in touch to book you in.
2. Tell the event team on a Saturday
When you’re at a parkrun on a Saturday, just tell the team that you can volunteer (again, it can be the following week, or longer in advance) and they will book you in!
3. Sign up to receive ‘Volunteer appeal’ emails.
The easiest way to do this is to click the ‘volunteer opt-in’ button when you receive your results email after taking part in a parkrun. This then means that you’ll receive emails in the future from your event when they’re in need of volunteers. You can just reply to the mail to sign yourself up.
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Here’s some suggestions of when you might like to volunteer:

  • when you have a race later that day or the following day
  • when you’re injured and can’t run
  • when you’re looking after the kids (perfect for being a marshal on the course – young kids love it!)
  • maybe at regular intervals – i.e. once every 3 months for example, or after every 5 or 10 times that you run

Volunteering at your local parkrun allows you to give back, cheer on like-minded runners, and of course support your local venue.
If you haven’t given it a go before, we hope that you’ll give it a try!
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