News - 8th October 2021

New milestone t-shirts

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We’re really pleased to announce that, with the order of milestone t-shirts now safely in stock, six new milestone t-shirts are available to order for all eligible parkrunners.


Now, for the first time, there are the same milestone clubs (and t-shirts) whether you walk, jog, run or volunteer:


junior 10 and junior v10

25 and v25

50 and v50

100 and v100

250 and v250

500 and v500


All of the milestone t-shirts can now be ordered by every eligible parkrunner, at the price of 14 GBP for youth sizes, and 16 GBP for adults.


The price of each t-shirt covers the cost of manufacture and warehousing, and includes shipping anywhere in the world.


Given the huge number of parkrunners who will now be eligible for these t-shirts, we do expect that due to high demand, some sizes may become out of stock quickly. We will be monitoring the situation closely, and placing top-up orders with the factory as soon as possible.


To check your eligibility and order your t-shirt, simply login to your parkrun profile at


For more information, head over to our support site




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Martta Sergejeff, 90v. osallistui maailman pohjoisimpaan parkruniin

Pokkinen parkrunin aloitustapahtuma 11.9.2021 teki ennätyksen starttaamalla maailman pohjoisimman parkrunin. Tämän lisäksi tapahtumassa tuli toinenkin ennätys, sillä mukana oli Suomen iäkkäin rekisteröitynyt osallistuja. Martta Sergejeff, 90v., osallistui parkruniin tyttärensä innostamana. Matka taittui pyörätuolissa istuen, vaikka kotioloissa ja ulkona lyhyitä matkoja Martta pärjääkin rollaattorin avulla. Martta osallistui parkruniin tyttären perheen ja pojanpojan kanssa. Tässä ovat hänen…

Ulla mum header

Martta Sergejeff, at 90 years old, participated in the world’s northernmost parkrun

On September 11th, 2021, Pokkinen parkrun became the northernmost parkrun in the world. Another record was also made that day, when the oldest registered parkrunner in Finland crossed the finish line. Martta Sergejeff, 90 years old, participated in the event at the urging of her daughter. She participated by wheelchair, although she also manages short…