News - 28th October 2021

Don’t forget your BOOcode!


It’s going to be a great Halloween, we can feel it in our bones!


As the spooky season creeps up on us, we take a look back at some of the most memorable Halloween moments from around the world.


parkrun has a few traditions such as the extra event on New Years Day, the global anniversary in October and local event birthdays. But there is another that is climbing the ranks of parkrunners’ favourites, and it’s coming up this weekend – the Halloween parkrun!


Halloween Blog 2021 Photo 9


The origins of Halloween date back to the eight century, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. At the time, November 1 was designated as All Saints Day. The day before was known as ‘All Hallows Eve’ which became known as Halloween.




Every year, on the nearest Saturday to Halloween, walkers, joggers, runners and volunteers all over the parkrun world don their costumes and join the celebration.


Halloween Blog 2021 Photo 6


“Our first Halloween, just a few of the volunteers wore costumes” says Richmond Olympic parkrun Event director Becky Maybury.  “The next year, we loosely encouraged people to make an effort, and some started turning up in costume.  First came some unicorns, but it was one of our regulars, Daichen, who really stole the spotlight with his multicoloured flares. He looked so cool and natural standing there, we had no idea that being a 70s superstar was his calling! He definitely inspired everyone else to raise their Halloween costume game, too”


Halloween Blog 2021 Photo 3


As always, friendly marshals are on hand to show you ‘witch’ way to go.


SW Witch


parkrun courses often get a spooky makeover too, here’s the peach at Penticton parkrun getting in the Halloween mood.


Halloween Blog 2021 Photo 5


Byxbee parkrun have only been active for one Halloween but they jumped at the chance to celebrate the occasion. “We promoted the event but we were still new and didn’t have any photos to use” said Sarah Hudson, the Event Director. “We had a good number of parkrunners take part, and because it was such fun last year I think we’ll have a good turnout of parkrunners in costume this year!”


Halloween Blog 2021 Photo 7


The whole parkrun world loves a Halloween event.




Southwark parkrun’s annual ‘pumpkinrun’ is ‘creeping up’ on them, and they’ve been sharing some photos from last year to get everyone in the mood.


Halloween Blog 2021 Photo 10


Look out for the Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood (barcodes unknown) getting their weekly 5k fix in.  They were last seen at Newport parkrun.


Halloween Blog 2021 Photo 11 (2)


So will you be dressing up this Halloween? It doesn’t necessarily need to be scary, and creativeness can make a great impact.  Here’s Gunther at Leakin Park showing off his talents as a speed camera!


Halloween Blog 2021 Photo 12


We love how Halloween adds some fun to the parkrun calendar and whether you want to dress up or not it’s completely up to you!


Have a great Halloween, we hope it’s spooktacular! Oh, and don’t forget your boocode!



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