News - 3rd November 2021

A spooky photo round-up from around the Nordics, 30th October 2021

Örebro header

Welcome to the action from this past weekend’s parkruns from around the Nordics. We celebrated with the most participants we’ve had since our return in the summer, the most ever events (31) and the most ever volunteers, over 200 for the very first time!
There was also lots of fantastic spooky halloween costumes on display too! Here’s some of the highlights:

Dommesmoen 2
Dommesmoen 1
A junior crew of parkrunners at Dømmesmoen parkrun in Norway, where the team were celebrating their 50th event
Trick or treat from the scanners at Nansenparken parkrun in Fornebu, Norway
Örebro 2
Örebro 3
Some impressive outfits on display at Örebro parkrun this week for their festive celebration
Tampere 1
This week’s volunteer gang at Tampere parkrun in Finland
Uppsala 1
And here’s two more of our 200 volunteers this week, at Uppsala parkrun

Amager Faelled
Capturing the start at a beautiful morning for Amager Fælled parkrun
Amager Strandpark 2
Amager Strandpark
And a couple of great images at the finish of Amager Strandpark parkrun, smiles all round!
Great autumn colours at Billdalsparken parkrun in Sweden……
…..and the same goes for the leaf-covered ground at Brabrand parkrun
The 400th run for Kim and Susanne this week at Damhusengen parkrun, a change of scene from their regular running at Amager Fælled parkrun
A 5 year-old’s perspective on parkrun – thanks to the junior photographer at this week’s Esbjerg parkrun!
Espoo 2
Week 3 at Puolarmaari parkrun in Espoo, Finland, and great numbers of participants still finding their way to this new event
Faelledparken 1
Running up that hill at Festningen parkrun in Trondheim
The selfie frame has finally arrived at Løvstien parkrun in Bergen!

Tokoinranta 1
A happy return for the volunteer team at Tokoinranta parkrun in Helsinki, finally back up and running again!
Toyen 2
A couple of snaps from this week’s Tøyen parkrun in Oslo
More of our fantastic volunteer teams at Pokkinen parkrun in Oulu and Vääksyn kanava parkrun respectively
Vallaskogen 1
Through the forest at Vallaskogen parkrun in Linköping, Sweden
Vejen 1
And finally, this week’s starting line photo from Vejen parkrun

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