News - 8th November 2021

parkrun – no need to wait ‘until you are fit enough’!

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Sometimes when speaking to a friend about parkrun, you hear something like this:


‘Yes, I’ll come and do parkrun sometime, but only when I’m fit enough’


We want to convince you that the there’s no need to wait and the time to come to parkrun is now! Here’s seven reasons to come along to parkrun:


1. No-one’s judging you at parkrun. As we always say, it’s not a race. You’re only ever competing with yourself (and even then only if you want to :-). You can walk, jog run around, or a combination of the above. Or of course you can also join in as a volunteer.


2. parkrunners are going to be super friendly and encouraging. Everyone wants you to do well.


3. Consistency is the most important thing at any level of running, from new beginners to top athletes. parkrun offers you the chance to take part, however you want to, in the social company of others.


4. parkrun gives you a great chance to measure progress and celebrate improvements. It’s very motivating to see your PB improving over time.


5. It’s FREE!


6. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you could do today! You’ll thank yourself afterwards.


7. “It’s too early on a Saturday morning”. After you’ve been walking, jogging, running or volunteering for a few minutes, it usually feels ok. The same applies for Saturday mornings too! Remember, EVERYONE is welcome to take part in parkrun and no special levels of fitness are required.


See you on Saturday, right?!

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