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Welcome to Broparken parkrun – a multicultural meeting place!


After two years of successful test events, Broparken parkrun will officially start on 2 April. We will gather at 09.30 down in Broparken close to the river, between the outdoor stage and the river and the promenade before setting off upstream.




The course starts and finishes at the same place down in the central park Broparken, next to the Umeälven river. You run / walk / roll all the way along the beautiful river on the promenade, over the city’s largest pedestrian and bicycle bridge, out on the small islands “Bölesholmarna” and then back. Nowhere along the route is normal motor traffic allowed, and it is a popular route with other runners, walkers and cyclists.




The course is beautiful all year round, but during the summer it is especially green, surrounded by all the trees in the “City of the Birches” Umeå. From minus 25 during the coldest winter to 25 degrees during the hottest summer, we run / walk / roll along our beautiful river every Saturday all year round.




After the run, everyone is welcome to gather at the finish line in our party tent to join with us for a cup of tea or coffee, to end the run together in the nicest possible way.




Broparken parkrun in Umeå is a very special event as it was founded by the integration association “Vän i Umeå” which promotes integration through personal meetings.




The association has several thousand people in its group on Facebook, plus many other members of the association and arranges a variety of activities, of which parkrun is the newest and hopes to be one of the most popular. For this reason, half of our 25 volunteers so far (all are welcome to volunteer) were born in countries other than Sweden, and a variety of languages ​​are spoken, even among participants. Broparken parkrun is therefore not only a wonderful opportunity for physical exercise for but also a perfect place for multicultural meetings.




For 10 years, my family (who are now all volunteers) and I ran parkrun for the first time in our lives in Roundshaw Downs, just outside of the parkrun mecca of London, UK. This was when we visited our Swedish family friends in London and we remember the parkrun as something exciting, different and with a great sense of community.




10 years later, parkrun is coming to our hometown Umeå, and we look forward to visits from both the UK, other parts of Sweden and other countries.




Carl Lundberg (pictured below) was the one who then started everything and then handed over to me, Arvid Norin. We have been a large group with everyone helping to continuously plan and prepare.




Arvid Norin
Broparken parkrun, Umeå


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