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Spring sunshine – a photo roundup from the Nordic parkrun events: 26 March

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Welcome to the weekly photo round-up from our Nordic events! Slowly but surely spring is gaining hold across the region and more events are able to return. Here’s a selection of photos from some of the 25 events that took place on Saturday:


Faelledparken 2

Firstly, a big thumbs up from the lapping point at Fælledparken parkrun


And Fælledparken parkrun make a good attempt in the most heads in a selfie-frame competition!

Festningen 2



Festningen 3




Festningen parkrun in Trondheim was back this week! Great to see some photos from the event again

Haga 2




Glorious spring sunshine at Haga parkrun for the 77 participants who took part this Saturday


Thank you to the volunteers for helping to put on Løvstien parkrun in Bergen this weekend

Nansenparken 2

Hello from Nansenparken parkrun this week, where they had the highest number of participants since their first event


And bringing home the parkrunners, thank you to the Tail Walker at this week’s Nansenparken parkrun

Nordre Faelled 2

Before the start of this week’s Nordre Fælled parkrun

Nordre Faelled

Damhusengen parkrun on tour at Nordre Fælled parkrun!

Örebro 1

Always plenty of thumbs up for Örebro parkrun!


The famous Toripolliisi statue featuring in the selfie frame at Pokkinen parkrun in Oulu!


Not a photo from this week, but we wanted to share this great photo of the volunteer team at Skatås parkrun

Stavanger 2




Plenty of parkrun milestone t-shirts on display at Stavanger parkrun this week!

Toyen 1

Definitely an ‘upwards flat’ section at Tøyen parkrun!

Toyen 2

And another great photo from this week’s Tøyen parkrun – check out the event’s Facebook page for many more!


The finish line volunteer team at Uppsala parkrun this week

Vallaskogen 1

Out on the ice-free course at Vallaskogen parkrun this week

Vallaskogen 2

Did he remember his barcode? – also at Vallaskogen parkrun

Billdal 1

This week’s snaps from Billdalsparken, at the start and in the extremely cosy looking cafe afterwards


Great to see many familiar faces returning to Dømmesmoen parkrun

Esbjerg 2



Esbjerg p

And finally, it’s over to our most westerly parkrun, with some photos from Saturday’s Esbjerg parkrun

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