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Welcome to the photo roundup from the Nordic parkruns : 9 April 2022

Billdal 2 header

Did you join one of our events to parkrun on Saturday? See if you can spot yourself in our photo round-up below! Here are the action photos:


amager Faelled


Congratulations to Clara from Amager Fælled for completing her tenth parkrun.


Amager strandpark


A boy’s junior football team from Sundby Boldklub came and joined Amager Strandpark on Saturday and loved it!


Billdal 1



Billdal 2


It was the ‘Big parkrun Day’ in Sweden – we didn’t get much luck with the weather in much of the country, but it was great here at Billdalsparken parkrun!




Gathering before the start of Brabrand parkrun this week.

Broparken 1



Broparken 2



Broparken 3



Broparken 4


Week two for Broparken parkrun in Umeå – even more snow this week, but another great event with loads of enthusiastic volunteers and more brilliant photos capturing the action!




Scanning at Damhusengen parkrun on Saturday – so simple with the Virtual Volunteer App.




At the start of this week’s Dømmesmoen parkrun in Grimstad.


Esbjerg 1



Esbjerg 2


Some of the happy parkrun community at this week’s Esbjerg parkrun.


Faelledparken 1


Highest turnout of the week with over 100 parkrunners was at Fælledparken parkrun!




A big thank you to the volunteer team at this week’s Festningen parkrun in Trondheim.


Haga 1



Haga 2



Haga 3


It was Haga’s 200th event on Saturday, and they celebrated in style, despite the snow!


Lovstien 1


Flying down one of the hills at Løvstien parkrun, Bergen.


Malmö 1


Eight heads in the selfie-frame – a pretty good effort here at Malmö Ribersborg parkrun.


Nansenparken 1



Nansenparken 2


Greetings from some happy parkrunners at Nansenparken parkrun this Saturday.


Nordre Faelled


Enjoying the feeling of achievement after the finish of this week’s Nordre Fælled parkrun.


Pokkinen 1


Pokkinen parkrun in Oulu was cancelled this week, but that didn’t stop the team promoting the event elsewhere!


Skatås 1



Skatås 2



Skatås 3


Photos from Skatås parkrun in Göteborg on a lovely spring Saturday morning.


Stavanger 1



Stavanger 2


37 parkrunners came to Stavanger today in a mixture of hail, snow and sun! Six personal bests and ten year old Oscar gave the first timers briefing.




The only Finnish event to survive the weather – well done to Tokoinranta parkrun!


Toyen 1


Coming to the finish at Tøyen parkrun this week.




Just about surviving the snowfall was Uppsala parkrun which went ahead with 27 participants on Saturday.




Magical snowy scenes on the route through the forest at Vallaskogen parkrun.




Last but not least, the traditional shot from the start of our favourite Vejen parkrun!

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It’s (soon) goodbye to Kungsängen parkrun – and welcome to Lillsjön parkrun!

After nearly 5 years and approaching 130 events, it’s soon time for the final Kungsängen parkrun, which will be the event that is held on the ‘special day’ for Swedish parkruns, namely Sweden’s national day, June 6th.   But the town is not going to be without a parkrun, as the event will be moving…


Det är (snart) hej då till Kungsängen parkrun – och välkommen till Lillsjön parkrun!

Efter nästan 5 år och närmare 130 event är det snart dags för den sista Kungsängen parkrun, som blir den som hålls på ”specialla dagen” för svenska parkruns, nämligen Sveriges nationaldag den 6 juni.   Men kommunen kommer inte att stå utan parkrun, eftersom eventet flyttar några km bort till en ny bana vid Lillsjön…