News - 20th April 2022

Easter weekend Nordic parkrun photo round-up


The sun was shining for us again, and we had a great Easter weekend of parkrun events across the Nordics. Here’s a big collection of photos to celebrate:


Amager Strandpark 1


First up, the glorious start at Amager Strandpark parkrun, summer is not far away.


Amager Strandpark 2


Amager Strandpark 3


Amager Strandpark 4


And a selection of photos from some of the participants at Amager Strandpark parkrun, well done everyone.


Haga 2



Haga 3


After the snowfall from last week, it was a relief to have sunshine this week at Haga parkrun.


Haga Phil


And congratulations to Phil for his 100th parkrun.




A glimpse of the beautiful forest course at Huddinge parkrun.




After having to cancel last week, Kungsängen parkrun was back up and running this Saturday, welcome back.


Lovstien 1



Lovstien 2


We never get tired of the views from Løvstien parkrun, Bergen.


Malmö 1



Malmö 2



Malmö 3



Malmö 4



Malmö 5


A selection of fabulous photos from this week’s Malmö Ribersborg parkrun – and congratulations to Oscar for setting a new course record of 16:15!


Örebro 1



Örebro 2



Örebro 3


Highest turnout of the day was at Örebro parkrun with 113 participants – and the PB bell got plenty of action!


Pokkinen Virpi


Congratulations to Virpi for reaching your 25th volunteering milestone at Pokkinen parkrun in Oulu.


Skatås 1



Skatås 2


Hello from some of our wonderful volunteers and participants at Skatås parkrun.


Billdals 1


Thank you to the Billdalsparken parkrun team.


Billdals 2


And more parkrunners enjoying the spring feeling in Billdalsparken.




More fine Easter weather, this time from Brabrand parkrun.


Broparken 2


Fine focus coming into the finish at Broparken parkrun in Umeå.


Broparken 3


And more parkwalkers, also from Broparken parkrun.




Greetings from a fine morning at Damhusengen parkrun.


Amager Faelled


Event Director Anne is always stylish at Amager Fælled parkrun (this time celebrating Queen Margrethe’s 82th birthday).




Thanks to the team at Dømmesmoen for making this week’s event happen on the Easter weekend.


Esbjerg 1



Esbjerg 2


Loving parkrun at Esbjerg parkrun.




A shout out to the volunteer team at Fælledparken parkrun.


Nansen 1



Nansen 2


Plenty of smiles on display at Nansenparken parkrun on Saturday.


Nibe 1



Nibe 2



Nibe 3


Nibe parkrun was once again blessed with wonderful weather and 3 visitors from Tøyen, Norway. Paal, Mathias and Sondre were visiting and decided to drive approximately 100 km to take part in our parkrun, that’s dedication!


Nordre Faelled 2


Thanks to the volunteers putting on the Easter event at Nordre Fælled parkrun.


Toyen 1


Toyen 2


Some of the parkrunners powering up the hill at Tøyen parkrun, well done everyone.




Hello from Saturday’s Stavanger parkrun.


Tampere 1


Another bunch of parkrun hi-vis heroes, here at Tampere parkrun.


Tokoinranta 2


Signs of spring on a bright sunny morning at Tokoinranta parkrun.





Uppsala 1


Looks like a lot of fun to volunteer – from Uppsala parkrun this week.


Vääksyn 1



Vääksyn 2


Still snow lining the course at Vääksyn kanava parkrun, but spring is in the air.


Vallaskogen 1



Vallaskogen 2


Easter bunnies and families enjoying Vallaskogen parkrun this week.


Växjö 1



Växjö 2



Växjö 3


Some great photos from this week’s Växjösjön parkrun, looking stunning in the sunshine.




And finally, here’s our familiar start line Vejen parkrun, event #515.

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