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Celebrating 13 years of parkrun in Denmark – welcome to the photo roundup from the Nordic parkruns, 14 May 2022


This week we celebrate an incredible 13 years since the launch of parkrun in Denmark, with the anniversary of Amager Fælled parkrun. 627 events later, and never missing a week (apart from during the pandemic), an incredible achievement from everyone involved!
Here’s some photos from this week’s event, plus others from around the region.


Amager Faelled 2


Amager Faelled 3


Amager Faelled 4


Amager Faelled

Enjoying a celebration of 13 years at parkrun at Amager Fælled parkrun!

Amager strandpark 1


Amager strandpark 2

Big skies at Amager Strandpark parkrun, with the Øresund Bridge in the background


Passing by in a blur at Billdalsparken parkrun

Broparken 1


Broparken 2

Fun and friendships at Broparken parkrun in Umeå


Event #35 already for Damhusengen parkrun this Saturday


At the start of the beautiful forest course at Dømmesmoen parkrun in Grimstad, Norway

Ekebergsletta 1


Ekebergsletta 2


Ekebergsletta 3


Ekebergsletta 4

Welcome to the newest addition to the Nordic parkrun family, Ekebergsletta parkrun in Oslo! A great start with 68 parkrunners joining in, including many, many first-timers!

Espoo 1


Espoo 2

Welcome from this week’s Puolarmaari parkrun in Espoo, Finland


With the København marathon on the Sunday, there were lots of parkrunners taking in an easy parkrun before the big race the next day


Getting the 17 May celebrations in a little early here at Festnignen parkrun

Haga 1


Haga 2

Mattias and Malin, EDs from Uppsala parkrun on tour at Haga parkrun this week


Out on the course at Huddinge parkrun


Taking in the view over Bergen at Løvstien parkrun


We could never do it without the volunteers, every single week! Here’s the team at Uppsala parkrun on Saturday…..

Vääksyn kanava

…..and similarly from Vääksyn kanava parkrun


You don’t have to wear special running clothes for parkrun, wear what suits you – at Vallaskogen parkrun

Växjö 1


Växjö 2

Another angle of Växjösjön parkrun, this time from the boardwalk at the north-west corner of the lake


Nibe 2



Good morning from Nibe parkrun!

Örebro 1

An amazing effort from Fredde Johnsson who ran 12 hours (and over 100km in total) on the Örebro parkrun course to raise money for Barncancerfonden. What an incredible achievement!


And also capturing the start of Örebro parkrun, when Fredde started his first lap…..

Pokkinen 1

A real feeling of spring sunshine for Pokkinen parkrun in Oulu this week

Skatås 2

Plenty of parkrun experience on show at Skatås parkrun this Saturday


And also at the start line of Skatås parkrun this weekend


A stunning photo from Stavanger parkrun, with Lucas and Daniela celebrating their 50th and 100th runs respectively

Tampere 1

Plenty of hockey shirts on display at Tampere parkrun, with the World Hockey Championships in town


Hello from this week’s volunteer team at Tampere parkrun


And last, but never least, good morning from Vejen parkrun!

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