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Welcome to the photo roundup from the Nordic parkruns : 21 May 2022


Hello and welcome to another celebration of parkrun, and a chance to see parkrunners in action from across the Nordics at the 31 events that took place on Saturday. We have some amazing volunteer photographers at our events, so please take a look at the best of parkrun from this weekend.


Tokoinranta 2


First to Helsinki, and a big thank you to the brilliant volunteer team there who enjoyed amazing weather there on Saturday!


Toyen 1


Toyen 2


Toyen 3


Toyen 4


Toyen 5


A whole series of wonderful parkrun portraits of the participants taking part in Tøyen parkrun this weekend.




Passing by the start/finish area at Uppsala parkrun.




The start of this week’s Vallaskogen parkrun, who will be celebrating their third anniversary this coming Saturday.




First-time parkrunners enjoying their experience at Växjösjön parkrun.


Vejen 2




A treat to see a photo out on the course at the lovely Vejen parkrun, as well as the traditional start line photo!


Amager Strandpark


After the start of this week’s Amager Strandpark parkrun.


Billdals 2


 Johan Faxér has now completed every Swedish parkrun after visting Billdalsparken parkrun last Saturday, congratulations Johan!


Broparken 2


Broparken 3




More brilliant photos, this time from Broparken parkrun in Umeå. The official inauguration of the event will be this coming weekend.




Hands in the air if you’ve completed Damhusengen parkrun this week!


Ekebergsletta 2




At the finish line of a rather wet second edition of Ekebergsletta parkrun in Oslo.


Esbjerg 2




528 parkruns in Esbjerg, and enjoying friendships made over a coffee afterwards.




 Congratulations to Belinda who ran her 100th Fælledparken parkrun this week.


Fest 2




parkrun – a great chance to spend some healthy time with family and friends – at Festningen parkrun.


Haga 1


Haga 2


95 parkrunners enjoyed this week’s Haga parkrun, the highest total across the region.




Almost there ! Timing the start line jump shot at Huddinge parkrun this week.


Kungs 1


Congratulations to Sam Lööf on running his 100th parkrun, all at Kungsängen parkrun.




Sunshine breaking through the clouds at Løvstien parkrun, Bergen.




A family affair at Malmö Ribersborg parkrun.


Nordre Faelled


Post-parkrun refreshments at Nordre Fælled parkrun in Randers.


Örebro 1


Örebro 2


Örebro 3


Örebro 4


Yet more amazing photos – from Örebro parkrun.




Green grass at last! at Pokkinen parkrun in Oulu.


Puolarmaari 2




Greetings from this week’s Puolarmaari parkrun in Espoo, Finland.


Skatås 2




Skatås parkrun welcomed many runners taking in a parkrun before taking part in Göteborgsvarvet later in the day.




Hello from Stavanger parkrun.


Tampere 1


Tampere 2


Tampere 3


And finally this week, some shots from this week’s Tampere parkrun in Finland.


It’s a wrap! Welcome again to parkrun this coming Saturday!

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