News - 8th June 2022

Welcome to the photo round-up from the weekend and the Swedish ‘special day’!


Welcome to a bumper edition of the Nordics photo round-up. With the extra events that were held on Sweden’s National Day on June 6th, we had more parkrunners take part in our events this week than ever before! Take a look through the photos to see the fun we had!

Amager strandpark 2

Amager strandpark 3

Amager strandpark
Busiest event on Saturday 4th June was Amager Strandpark, hosting many parkrun tourists who were making their way over to Sweden on the Monday. The highest attendance ever for a Danish event!
Billdalsparken 2

Billdalsparken 3

Great to see so many people discovering the beautiful Billdalsparken parkrun, and hanging around for a fika afterwards!
A wonderful sunny morning at Brabrand parkrun on Saturday
Broparken 2

Great photos as always from Broparken parkrun in Umeå
A glorious morning for Tail Walking here at Dømmesmoen parkrun
Ekebergsletta 2

A couple of shots from the newest edition to the Norwegian parkrun family, Ekebergsletta parkrun in Oslo
Good morning from Esbjerg parkrun
This Saturday’s turnout at the wonderful Puolarmaari parkrun in Espoo
Faelled parken
When you’re parkrunning at 9, and catching a train soon afterwards! at Fælledparken parkrun
parkrun is for everyone! at Festningen parkrun
Plenty of parkrun experience on display here at Saturday’s Haga parkrun
Haga 2
And the parkrun team cheering on runners at the Stockholm Marathon later in the day – “just a parkrun to go” at the 37.2km mark
Huddinge 2

Greetings from the parkrunners at this week’s Huddinge parkrun
The last ever event at Kungsängen parkrun before the move to nearby Lillsjön – and a record turnout!
Lovstien 2

Lovstien 100
Congratulations to Løvstien parkrun in Bergen, celebrating their 100th event on Saturday!
Malmö 1

Malmö 2

Malmö 3
An amazing weekend of parkrunning in Malmö, where they welcomed a whopping 287 parkrunners on Monday, a new Nordics record for a single event!
Nansen 1
Selfie-frame snap from Nansenparken parkrun
Nordre Faelled
This week’s start line photo from Nordre Fælled parkrun in Randers
Örebro 1

Örebro 2

Örebro 3

Örebro 4
Great photos capturing the parkrun joy at Örebro parkrun on their special day event
Thanks to this week’s volunteer team at Pokkinen parkrun in Oulu
Skatås 2

A lovely morning for parkrun at Skatås parkrun in Göteborg
co-Event Director Kate approaching the finish at Stavanger parkrun this week
Tampere 2

parkrunners and volunteers at this week’s Tampere parkrun
Hello from Helsinki – at Tokoinranta parkrun
Toyen 1

Toyen 2
A couple of photos of the participants at Tøyen parkrun
Uppsala 2

Busy times for Uppsala parkrun, with an attendance record for them on Monday
This week’s Vääksyn kanava parkrun in Finland
Vallaskogen 2

A couple more busy Swedish events, first Vallaskogen in Linköping….
Växjö 1

Växjö 2
….and then also Växjösjön parkrun in of course Växjö!
Amager Faelled
Another busy event on Saturday was Amager Fælled, hosting many runners before they made their way over to Sweden
Last but never least, Vejen parkrun from this Saturday

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