News - 13th July 2022

We are here for you all!


With schools breaking up for the summer in many of the parkrun countries, and the weather becoming more than encouraging to spend time outside and plan holidays, it is a perfect time to take care of yourself! And we are here for you all – every week, wherever you are, all summer.


Summer is a perfect time to make an additional effort and take care of ourselves, individually and with our friends and families. And parkrun is a great place to enjoy time together! We are here for everybody all year long.




Meet your neighbours!


It may be that this summer is a great opportunity to visit one of the parkrun events near you. You do not have to travel a long distance to experience parkun in a new way. Look for a parkrun event near your home parkrun and visit your parkrun neighbours. Wherever you fancy discovering a parkrun nearby, please remember to check the event page before you set off, listening carefully to the first timer welcome and ensure a safe travel to and from the event.




Make new parkrun friends!


If you happen to have your summer plans set already and are going to visit another country where they can also attend a parkrun, it is a nice way to make new parkrun friends. We are a global community and our events are a really welcoming place.




Join parkrun as you like


Remember that parkrun is always the same experience wherever you join in! And remember that it is always your parkrun – you can come along as a walker, a volunteer, or just head down to your local park and watch what’s going on. Wherever your summer holiday plans take you, parkruns are free, weekly community events for all ages, abilities, backgrounds and walks of life. Everyone is welcome to take part – however they like.



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Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 6 August

A warm welcome to another week of summer Nordic parkruns. We enjoyed blue skies and great conditions for much of the region although some our Finnish friends were not quite so lucky. Welcome to over 100 people parkrunning for the first time on Saturday! Here’s the best of the action:     Crossing the finish…


Seeing more disabled people at parkrun

Wheelchair user Jono Whitehead was recommended parkrun by a good friend and frame runner. Initially hesitant, he arrived to find the tail walker that day was his former maths teacher so felt instantly at ease!   Here he tells us why he wants to see more disabled people at parkrun.   I’m disabled and I…