News - 13th July 2022

Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 9 July


Summer is here, and it is wonderful to see all the photos of our parkrunners enjoying their events under clear blue skies. Here is a selection of photos from across the region this past weekend, enjoy!


Tampere 2




In Tampere there was a lot of strong-age graded scores – not so surprising perhaps when we learnt that the Veteran World Athletics Championships were in town!


Toyen 1


The welcoming finish funnel at Tøyen parkrun in Oslo.


Uppsala 1


Good with some shade for the start at Uppsala parkrun.


Vääksy 1


Vääksy 2


The joys of an out-and-back course – plenty of opportunities to see other runners and to pass by the volunteers at the start/finish.




More welcome shade running through the forest at Vallaskogen parkrun.


Växjö Tali


We always love a Tail Walker with a tail! – at Växjösjön parkrun this week.


Amager Faelled


A group photo from this week’s Amager Fælled parkrun.


Helene 500


Also at Amager Fælled parkrun, Helene wearing her 500 milestone t-shirt for the first time!


Amager Strandpark


The iconic start line at Amager Strandpark parkrun.


Haga 2


The First Timers Welcome with Event Director Stefan at Haga parkrun this week.


Haga 3




More participants and volunteers at this week’s Haga parkrun.




The finish line at Lillsjön parkrun – not far from the welcoming water!


Maibritt 250


Maibritt celebrating her 250th parkrun at Fælledparken parkrun this week – well done also to Pablo who also reached this milestone at the same event this week.




Mireia (in apricot) celebrating her 50th parkrun at Malmö Ribersborg parkrun on Saturday.


Nansen 1


Celebrating the finish at Nansenparken parkrun!


nansen 2


And again from Nansenparken, this week’s fantastic team of volunteers.


Örebro 2




Over in Örebro, some happy faces at this week’s event.




Big thanks to the always positive volunteer team at Pokkinen parkrun in Oulu!


Puloar 1


The parkrun spirit in action, clapping parkrunners to the finish at Puolarmaari parkrun in Espoo.


Puloar 2


Puloar 3


More great snaps from this week’s Puolarmaari parkrun in Espoo.


Randers 1


Randers 2


And finally, happy times at Nordre Fælled parkrun in Randers!

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