News - 25th July 2022

Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 23 July


A warm welcome to another round-up of summertime parkruns across the Nordics. We enjoyed seeing plenty of regulars and first-timers across all our events this weekend – were you one of them? Take a look!


Puolarmaari 2

We start this week with a roll call of thanks to some of our fantastic volunteer teams this week – beginning here above with Puloarmaari parkrun in Espoo, Finland

Skatås 1

Next up, this week’s amazing volunteers helping to make the magic happen at Skatås parkrun in Göteborg on Saturday

Haga vols

Here are some of the volunteers who helped to make Haga parkrun happen this week


First-time Run Director Leena did a great job at Tampere parkrun this Saturday

Nansen 1

And similarly thanks to Erling for leading the team of volunteers at Nansenparken parkrun in Oslo

Amager Faelled

Some shots of our parkrunners now, beginning with some smiling faces in Denmark, at Amager Fælled parkrun


And also in Denmark, awaiting the start of Brabrand parkrun this week


Congratulations to Casper, who became the first person to run all of the Norwegian parkruns after taking part in Stavanger parkrun this Saturday

Skien 1

Over to Norway, and some of the participants at this Saturday’s Skien Fritidspark parkrun


Crossing the finish line at Festningen parkrun in Trondheim


We cross over the border to Finland, and the assembled parkrunners at this week’s Pokkinen parkrun in Oulu


A great shot of family parkrun joy this week at Vääksy kanava parkrun

Malmö 1

Moving on to Sweden, congratulations to Mattias (pictured right) on reaching his 50th parkrun on Saturday!

Örebro 1

Family parkrun fun at Örebro parkrun on Saturday

Skatås 2

parkrunners stretching away into the distance after the start of Skatås parkrun on Saturday


Big thumbs up for Uppsala parkrun on Saturday!


And finally, big smiles all round at Växjösjön parkrun on Saturday

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