News - 1st September 2022

Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 27 August


A warm welcome to this week’s photo round-up from around the Nordics. It was officially the last week of summertime, although it didn’t feel like that everywhere! Here’s some of the best photos from around the region


Toyen 1


Toyen 2

We start in Oslo, where Tøyen parkrun were celebrating their 5th birthday, big congratulations on reaching this milestone!


At the start of this week’s Uppsala parkrun


The beautiful setting of Vääksyn kanava parkrun, with the birch trees lining the canal

Växjö 2

At Växjösjön parkrun, Mikael and Hanne were visiting from Denmark, displaying plenty of parkrun experience


Also at Växjösjön parkrun, Event Director Anna and friends after completing this week’s event

Amager Faelled

It was very wet in København, like here at Amager Fælled parkrun. Well done to all those taking part, especially the volunteers!


parkrunners setting off at this week’s Ekebergsletta parkrun in Oslo


Ready for the start at Huddinge parkrun


And another couple of start line shots, first at Lillsjön parkrun in Kungsängen, Sweden….


….and secondly from Løvstien parkrun in Bergen


Smiles from out on the course at Nansenparken parkrun

Ingrid K

Also at Nansenparken parkrun, legendary Norwegian athlete Ingrid Kristiansen was in attendance to cheer on some of her athletes


Nibe parkrun hosted these visitors from Mount Gambier parkrun in Australia in style!

Örebro 1

Thanks to the volunteer teams at Örebro parkrun….


….and at Pokkinen parkrun, and everywhere else for that matter!


Another great landscape shot of everyone who came along to this week’s Puolarmaari parkrun

Sari 50

And finally, congratulations to Sari from Vääksyn kanava parkrun, here pictured at Pokkinen parkrun in Oulu, reaching her 50th parkrun milestone on Saturday!

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