News - 5th September 2022

Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 3rd September


Hello and welcome to the weekly photo round-up from our first parkrun weekend in September this year. Over 100 people discovered parkrun for the first time across the region, we welcome you all to the parkrun family! Here’s some photos from across our events:




Tail Walking under blue skies at Løvstien parkrun in Bergen.




Starting volunteering young at Haga parkrun.


Mija 100


And also at Haga parkrun, congratulations to Mija who reached her 100 volunteering milestone on Saturday!


Nansen 2


Hands up if you love Nansenparken parkrun!




A photo from out on the course at the beautiful Nibe parkrun in Danmark.


Örebro 2


Representing IF Start at this Saturday’s Örebro parkrun.


Puolarmaari 1


Coming in to finish at Puolarmaari parkrun in Espoo.


Skien 1


Currently still the newest event in the Nordics, here’s some of this week’s parkrunners at Skien Fritidspark parkrun in Norge.




Impressive work pushing up the hill at Stavanger parkrun!


Toyen 1


Toyen 2


A couple of great photos from this week’s Tøyen parkrun.


Uppsala 1


Thank you to the volunteers at this week’s Uppsala parkrun!


Vääksyn kanava


parkwalking at Vääksyn kanava parkrun this week.




parkrunning at the water’s edge at Växjösjön parkrun on Saturday.




This week’s gathering of parkrunners at Vejen parkrun.


Amager Faelled


At the start of this week’s Amager Fælled parkrun.


Billdals 1


More people are continuing to discover the delightful Billdalsparken parkrun.




parkrun enjoyment, measured in smiles, here at Esbjerg parkrun.




The historical stone marks the start point for the alternative route for Fælledparken parkrun, soon counting down to event #500!




And finally, at the start of this week’s Lillsjön parkrun, with 32 people taking part this week.

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