News - 3rd October 2022

Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 1 October


Welcome to the photo round-up from around the Nordics on the first Saturday of October, and the first day of the global parkwalk campaign, to help encourage more walkers to also join our events.
Autumn colours, sunshine, wind and rain, we had it all this weekend. Here’s some photos from around our events

Billdals 1

We start with a round-up of some of our parkwalker vests being put into action, like here at Billdalsparken parkrun….

Haga 2

….and at Haga parkrun….

Örebro 2

….and Örebro parkrun…..

Malmö parkwalkerrs

….at Malmö Ribersborg parkrun….

Nansen 1

….and in Norway, and Nansenparken parkrun.

Haga 1

Keeping up the 100+ participants streak, Haga parkrun welcomed 114 parkrunners, including 17 first-timers to parkrun

Lahti 2

A stunning early morning image from Lahden satama parkrun, before the rain came


Enjoying a family parkrun together, also at Lahden satama parkrun


More family fun, Tailwalking at Lillsjön parkrun this Saturday

Örebro 1

Thank you to this week’s amazing volunteer team at Örebro parkrun


And the same goes for the team at the world’s most northerly parkrun, Pokkinen parkrun in Oulu


Celebrating the 1000th finisher at Puolarmaari parkrun on Saturday!

Skatås 1

Double buggy fun at Skatås parkrun in Göteborg this weekend

Stavanger 1

Congratulations to Pooyan for completing his 50th run at Stavanger parkrun on Saturday!

Stavanger 2

There’s always time to take a photo with a friend and enjoy the view – at the top of the hill at Stavanger parkrun

Tampere 1

Good morning from Tampere parkrun, where the Tail Walker finished in 55th position in a time of 55:55!

Toyen 1

Autumn leaves on the ground at this week’s Tøyen parkrun

Vääksyn kanava

Some young recruits at this week’s Vääksyn kanava parkrun


And in Linköping, welcoming first timers from Brazil, Tiago and Viviane, to Vallaskogen parkrun for the first time

Växjö 1

Enjoying the lakeside route of Växjösjön parkrun

Vejen 1

And finally, greetings from Vejen parkrun #539!

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Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 19 November

Welcome to the photo round-up from some cold and snowy Nordic parkruns! As the winter starts to take control, we have plenty of photos to share from around the region – have a look here:     Heading off from the start line at Esbjerg parkrun,     and enjoying parkrun out on the course….

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