News - 19th October 2022

Meeting parkwalkers at parkrun


This month, in celebration of the October parkwalk campaign, we are highlighting walkers at our Nordic events.
This week we meet Sara, who is a regular walker at Örebro parkrun.
How did you first find parkrun?
A colleague of mine used to run parkrun, and posted about it on Facebook. One Saturday when they were trying to break the Nordic participation record, so I went along with my family and took part in my first parkrun. We were the very last ones to finish, but we were part of breaking the record in any case, so it felt like a successful start!
Sara 3
What is your training background and why is walking something for you?
I got Perthes disease when I was 10 years old and became extremely stiff in my hip. When it was at its worst I was in hospital and could only walk with crutches, so running was never something for me. When I was 37 I finally received a titanium replacement hip, and started going out more and more. Now I try to walk at least 5km every day and I also train at home in the kitchen. All training is better than none I say!
What do you like about walking?
For me it’s fantastic to be able to walk without pain. It’s also mentally positive, that I feel that I can walk together with other people outside. I’ve always felt a bit embarrassed that I limp a little, and as a result felt awkward about my body, but now I walk outside every day and think about it less and less. I go walking to get exercise and feel stronger as a result.
What do you like about parkrun?
That everyone is welcome, it doesn’t matter if you run or not. The Örebro parkrun course is beautiful and you can have a fika together after parkrun if you want to. I’m not generally a super social person, so I was a little bit nervous to begin with, but I have met many new lovely people so it feels great. There’s always a good atmosphere, and you feel appreciated, both as a participant an as a volunteer. It’s quite simply a great start to the weekend!
Sara 2
Sara Lindmark
Örebro parkrun

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