News - 3rd November 2022

parkwalkers are here to stay!


October has sadly come to an end, but what a month it’s been as we’ve celebrated parkwalk at parkrun!


Over the last five weekends we’ve welcomed an incredible 10,000 brand new walkers to parkrun, as well as inspiring 8,000 existing parkrunners to join in the parkwalk fun. That means throughout October there have been a staggering 100,000 walks completed at parkrun.


Although #parkwalk was held across one month, we hope that the impact will be far more long-lasting – shining a light on parkrun as a great option for people to be active together and be part of a positive and supportive community whenever and however suits them.


parkwalkers are here to stay! 


You may have spotted the new parkwalker volunteers this month and we are delighted to announce that this volunteer role is here to stay!


So far over 7,000 different people have pulled on the new blue parkwalker vests and supported and encouraged walkers at parkrun events all over the world.


Walkers will always be welcome at parkrun and parkwalker volunteers also help to highlight the inclusive nature of parkrun to those who are yet to take part… just by being there.


To celebrate a fantastic month, we’ve put together some of our favourite quotes from across social media to highlight what parkwalk has meant to you…


Walking at parkrun is something I am incredibly thankful for as it reconnects me with my running friends, even if I can’t keep up with them. I love that no matter your pace, you are cheered on and celebrated the whole way around!


Jenny Layland



After breaking my neck in a car accident I was fitted with a halo brace. Upset at the prospect of not being able to attend parkrun for 6 months or more I decided that I would walk it instead.


The support I had from the parkrun community was amazing and no one was bothered by the time it took. I can now look forward to a time when I may be able to run it very slowly.


Terry Gaunt




I’ve been walking at parkrun since parkrun returned post-covid.


As I’m not able to run anymore, I find it’s a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. Plus, as I often tail walk, it’s a brilliant way to get to chat with other parkrunners and encourage everyone.


Jane Oliver




I had given up running several years ago when I got osteoarthritis.


After two hip replacements and a re-homed puppy to look after, I got moving again, but I had not considered re-engaging with parkrun. It seemed to me that I would be in everybody’s way by walking.


My niece suggested that we go to the local parkrun, which I was a bit dubious about but she assured me that many people participated by walking only and that it isn’t frowned upon by others.


I could not have been more surprised. There was a tail walker called Carole who laughingly assured me that I could not be the last as she would take that honour and there were several others also intending to walk too.


I am so happy that a chap in his 70’s with his faithful companion is able to parkrun.


Paul Fulbrook




I parkwalked at parkrun and it was a great start to the day!


Reyhana Layer




I parkwalked and loved it! Looking forward to doing it all again this Saturday.


Branka Maria




I loved it . . . the volunteers were amazing and I thank them all for supporting me I will definitely be back.


Simon Mole




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