News - 6th December 2022

Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 3 December


Welcome to this week’s Nordic photo round-up, with a definite wintry feel to the events. It was also a chance to celebrate the Finnish Independence day at our events with plenty of blue and white on display. Here’s some photos of the action.

Lovstien 2


Lovstien 3

We start at Løvstien parkrun, Bergen, where we never tire of the amazing views of the course (even if we might be tired by the course itself!)

Nansen 1

Cheering on the participants as they head away from the start of this week’s Nansenparken parkrun…..

Nansen 2

…including Astrid, who set a new female course record of 17:09, beating her own previous record with a 16 second improvement

Nordre Faelled 1

Welcome from Nordre Fælled parkrun in Randers, including 2 first-timers

Örebro 1

Congratulations to Magnus who reached his 100th milestone at Örebro parkrun this Saturday


This week’s fabulous volunteer team at Pokkinen parkrun in Oulu

Stavanger 1

A simply stunning morning at Stavanger parkrun on the west coast of Norway…..

Stavanger 2

….and packed out in the cafe afterwards, in true parkrun spirit!


parkrun is for all the family at Billdalsparken parkrun this week


More volunteers to whom to say a big thanks – this week’s Ekebergsletta volunteer team


A long list of completed parkruns for these parkrun tourists at Esbjerg parkrun

Lahti 1

parkwalking in style at Lahden satama parkrun in Lahti, Finland

Lillsjön 1

Waiting for the start at a frosty Lillsjön parkrun this weekend

Tampere 1


Tampere 2

Over to Finland and first to Tampere parkrun with this week’s volunteer crew welcoming everyone to the finish

Tokoinranta 2

Thumbs up for Finnish Independence day at Tokoinranta parkrun

Tokoinranta 3

And another well wrapped up volunteer team at Tokoinranta parkrun

Vääksy 1


Vääksy 3

More snowy shots from Finland, this time at Vääksyn kanava parkrun


A VI runner and his guide this week taking part in Tøyen parkrun

Vallaskogen 2

Emerging from ‘Skogstigen’ to start lap 2 at Vallaskogen parkrun


And finally the team at Växjösjön parkrun proudly showing off their new parkrun sign!

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