News - 9th January 2023

Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 7 January 2023


A New Year, new possibilities, new parkrun resolutions! It was great to see over 100 new registrations in the Nordics in the first week of the year and many people joining us for the first time, welcome to the parkrun family. Here’s some photos from around the parkrun Nordics:


We start in Denmark with blue skies above Damhusengen parkrun

Esbjerg parkrun

Welcoming first timers to Esbjerg parkrun

Faelled 1

Australian parkrun tourists visiting Fælledparken parkrun for the first event of 2023

Faelled 100

Congratulations to Rup on completing your 100th parkrun, also at Fælledparken


Enjoying snowy scenes at Haga parkrun this Saturday

Lahti 1

Similarly snowy over in Finland, here at Lahden satama parkrun


No snow though in Bergen, clear paths for Løvstien parkrun this Saturday

Nansen 1

Enjoying parkrun at Nansenparken parkrun in Fornebu, Norway

Nordre Faelled 1

Volunteering this week at Nordre Fælled parkrun

Skatås 1

Some events weren’t so lucky….this was the scene at Skatås parkrun this Saturday, which sadly resulted in a late cancellation after the weather turned overnight


40 parkrunners enjoyed the first outing of the year at Stavanger parkrun on Saturday


This week’s Tail Walkers at Tampere parkrun breaking into a stride for the finish

Toyen 2

Volunteers heroes enjoying Saturday’s Tøyen parkrun in Oslo

Vääksyn 1

Looking lovely as always, the beautiful Vääksyn kanava parkrun in Finland


And finally, battling through the snow at Växjösjön parkrun this Saturday

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