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Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 14 January 2023


Welcome to the photo round-up from the Nordics for Saturday 14th January. Beautiful sunrises in the west of the region, a little damper and drizzlier further east. And sadly very icy conditions for the 12 events that were unable to go ahead this week.
Here’s some photos from the events that did:

Amager Faelled Eva

Congratulations to Eva from the Stavanger parkrun core team, who ran her 100th parkrun, being made to feel welcome at Amager Fælled parkrun


A pleasure to be a volunteer on a morning like this, and a view like that, at Løvstien parkrun, Bergen


It really was a beautiful morning in many places, like here at Broparken parkrun in Umeåa


Good morning from participants and volunteers at Damhusengen parkrun this Saturday

Esbjerg 2

Enjoying coming over the finish line at Esbjerg parkrun on Saturday, who were celebrating their 12th birthday this weekend, congratulations!


Clicking in the Tail Walker at this week’s Fælledparken parkrun


One of the events that didn’t make it – and you can see why – Festningen parkrun in Trondheim. Hope the conditions improve soon!

Haga 1

Well done to Urve on her Run Director debut at Haga parkrun on Saturday!

Nibe 1

Spring feeling in the air at Nibe parkrun this weekend

Skatås 2

The start line shot at this week’s 180th edition of Skatås parkrun in Göteborg

Stavanger 1

A young crowd enjoying this week’s Stavanger parkrun

Tampere vols

Thanks you to the volunteer team at this week’s Tampere parkrun, one of only two Finnish events that were able to proceed at the weekend


Along the out-and-back section at Uppsala parkrun on Saturday

Växjösjön 3

Enjoying being part of Växjösjön parkrun’s 100th edition on Saturday

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