News - 6th February 2023

Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 4 February 2023


Welcome to the first Nordics parkrun photo round-up for February 2023! It was pretty chilly across the region – and with the temperature dropping to below -20 degrees Celsius in Oulu, even Pokkinen parkrun took the decision to cancel this week. 26 events still went ahead and here is the photographic evidence to prove it:


AMager Faelled


Visitors from Australia, Brad and Bella, have offered to help out as volunteers during their trip to Denmark, starting here at Amager Fælled parkrun this Saturday. What a great initiative!


Billdals 2





After some heroic path clearing after some Friday snowfall, Billdalsparken parkrun was ready for action this Saturday!


Brabrand Troels


Massive congratulations to Troels for completing his 250th parkrun at Brabrand parkrun.


Esbjerg 2


Staying in Denmark, and paying a visit to this week’s Esbjerg parkrun.




Some motivating signage on display at this week’s Haga parkrun!




Powering to the finish with blue skies – and a chilly wind! – at this week’s Malmö Ribersborg parkrun.


Nansen Ross


Nansenparken parkrun was back on this week and Ross took the chance to fit in his 100th parkrun – well done Ross!


Örebro TW


Malin enjoying parkwalking at this week’s Örebro parkrun.




Family fun at Stavanger parkrun this Saturday!




Getting ready to tackle the hill at Tøyen parkrun on Saturday.




Thanks to the volunteer crew at this week’s Uppsala parkrun, and well done Malin, stepping into the Run Director role for the first time.




A great photo of some of the participants at this week’s Vääksyn kanava parkrun.




The satisfaction of completing Växjösjön parkrun on a cold but sunny February morning!




And finally, greetings from Vejen parkrun – where we have proof that running jackets in other colours than yellow are allowed!

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