News - 20th February 2023

Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 18 February 2023


Welcome to the photo round-up from the Nordics, a windy weekend in the shadow of Storm Otto that had blown across the region (and was still providing some snow for some of our Finnish events). Here’s some shots of the action:




The highest turnout since 2020 at Brabrand parkrun this week, great to see so many parkrunners taking part.




A great shot from a blustery morning at Damhusengen parkrun.




Congratulations to Jansku on completing his 150th parkrun, together with his Mum Tuire.




With the ‘Turning Torso’ in the background, welcome to Malmö Ribersborg parkrun.




Thumbs up for Nibe parkrun!


Örebro 1


A stunning photo from Örebro parkrun on Saturday, blue skies and attendance back over 50 this week.


Skatås 1



Skatås 2


Thanks to photographer Ola for some fun photos from Skatås parkrun on Saturday.




More blue skies, this time at Skien Fritidspark parkrun in Norway.




Welcome to the super friendly Stavanger parkrun!




Capturing the volunteer team at this week’s Tokoinranta parkrun, keeping the show on the road despite the snowy weather.


Toyen Kenny Penny


Over to Tøyen parkrun and we love these yellow gloves that volunteer Penny has knitted for Tøyen parkrun regular Kenny!




Another angle of the beautiful Vääksyn kanava parkrun.


Vallaskogen 1


The youngest member of the volunteer team at this week’s Vallaskogen parkrun.




Heading off from the start of this week’s Växjösjön parkrun.




And finally, thanks to the team for checking the course to make sure everything was safe before this week’s Billdalsparken parkrun.

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