News - 27th February 2023

Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 25 February 2023


Welcome to the weekly roundup from around the Nordics. This week we celebrated 600 events at Brabrand parkrun and we marked the occasion with over 19,000 registered runners from parkrun Denmark! Congratulations!


Here’s a selection of photos from around the region:


Brabrand 600


First in Aarhus and Brabrand parkrun celebrating the occasion with some traditional flour markings.


Malmo Peter


More parkrun milestones! First we have Peter, running his 100th parkrun at Malmö Ribersborg parkrun.


Orebrbo Frederik


Next up, Frederik celebrating his 50th parkrun at Örebro.


Faelled Mette 100


And Mette completing her 100th parkrun at Fælledparken. Fantastic all of you and everyone who achieved a parkrun milestone this weekend!




Next up, some group shots starting with Esbjerg parkrun in Denmark,




Skatås parkrun in Göteborg,




Haga parkrun in the snow,


Nansen 1


and Nansenparken parkrun, happily free from ice this week.


Nansen 2


And some parkrun portraits, first from Nansenparken parkrun,


Valla 1


Flying the flag at Vallaskogen parkrun this week.




Family parkrun fun at Växjösjön parkrun,


Nordre Faelled


and at Nordre Fælled parkrun.


Vääksy 2


Ringing the bell in support of parkrunners at Vääksyn kanava parkrun in Finland.




And thanks so much for the volunteers at Tokoinranta parkrun,




and at Tampere parkrun. That’s a wrap!


Have a great week everyone.



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