News - 8th May 2023

Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 6 May 2023


Hello and welcome to this week’s photo round-up from the Nordics. And very warm greetings to the nearly 200 people who joined parkrun for the very first time this Saturday, one of the highest totals on record! Here’s how it looked at some of our 32 events that took place this week (including welcoming back Puolarmaari parkrun):

Uppsala 1

Happy birthday Uppsala parkrun! 5 years old this week

Nansen 1

Lots of new parkrunners at Nansenparken parkrun following the Norwegian ‘special day’ parkruns last week

Örebro 100 Stefan

Congratulations to Stefan, visiting from Vallaskogen parkrun, who ran his 100th parkrun this Saturday!

Fest 2

Festningen parkrun in Trondheim with the eponymous fortress in the background


Power walking on Saturday at Lahden satama parkrun in Lahti


Huge congratulations to parkrun social media star Annie Karlsson who reached her 100th parkrun milestone at Haga parkrun this week!

Alan and Jo Amager

Alan and Jo were visitors to Amager Strandpark this week – and in true parkrun spirit Alan jumped in to help out as barcode scanner

Amager family

Emil and Molly ran their first parkrun on Saturday, together with their parents Mads and Cathryn – well done all!

Ekebergs Yngvil

And well done too for Yngvil, stepping into the Run Director role for the first time at Ekebergsletta parkrun

Nibe Ronny

Congratulations to Nibe parkrun on their 600th event! The parkrun community came together to buy a little present to say thank you to Event Director Ronny


A beautiful sunny morning for parkrun in Stavanger on Sunday

Haga vols

Biggest turnout of the weekend was at Haga parkrun where the volunteer team looked after 157 parkrunners coming to the finish

Skatås 2

Enjoying Skatås parkrun at the weekend

Bro 1

The spring kick-off was a great success for Broparken parkrun with their highest ever turnout


Tampere parkrun also had their highest turnout this year, supported by local heart and diabetes charities


Thanks to the volunteer team at this week’s Tokoinranta parkrun!


Beautiful sunshine at Tøyen parkrun in Oslo


Not such luck at Esbjerg parkrun! But it helps to smile!


And finally Nikolaj on his way to setting a blistering new course record at Damhusengen parkrun

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