News - 15th May 2023

Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 13 May 2023


Wow, what an amazing sunny weekend we had across (most…) of the Nordics. Not just that, but we had a record number of participants at our Danish events. Here’s a selection of photos from across the region.

Faelledparken 1

First, one of the 149 parkrunners to cross the line at Fælledparken parkrun on Saturday

Malmo Viktoria 25

Congratulations to Viktoria, who completed her 25th parkrun at Malmö Ribersborg parkrun at the weekend and celebrated with a PB


Green was the colour of the day at Vääksyn kanava parkrun, with a Cha Cha Cha in support of Finland’s Eurovision entry

NOrdre Faelled


NOrdre Faelled 2

A great turnout at Nordre Fælled parkrun including 4 first timers who all said that they had been thinking of coming for years!

Haga high five

High fives on the way round at Haga parkrun


Idyllic conditions at Lillsjön parkrun on Saturday

Amager Faelled 14 years

Celebrating parkrun Danmark’s 14th birthday at Amager Fælled parkrun

Amager Faelled 10 tshirt

A very proud junior 10 milestone parkrunner!

Tampere 1

Thanks to the volunteer team at this week’s Tampere parkrun!

Ekebergs Tor

Well done to Tor Christian, who has now completed all the Norwegian parkrun events after running Ekebergsletta parkrun on Saturday (where he is also one of the Run Directors)


A super warm welcome at the finish line at Tøyen parkrun


You’re always going to remember you are at this parkrun – at the landmark sign which marks the start of Lahden satama parkrun in Lahti


Spectacular weather at Örebro parkrun on Saturday

Örebro 2

Coming into to the finish, also at Örebro parkrun

Amager Strand 2

Another Danish parkrun with a great attendance at Amager Strandpark parkrun


Family parkrun fun at Damhusengen parkrun

Fest 50

Congratulations to Andrew on reaching his 50 milestone at Festningen parkrun on Saturday

Skatås 2

Looking lovely too at Skatås parkrun in Göteborg, where many were visiting to take part in Göteborgsvarvet later in the day

Vallaskogen 1

Well done Anna-Karin who celebrated her 100 volunteering milestone at Vallaskogen parkrun on Saturday!

Vallaskogen 2

The course is looking just beautiful also at Vallaskogen parkrun right now

Broparkren 1

And finally, a great photo of parkrun friendship, at Broparken parkrun in Umeå

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