News - 11th September 2023

Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 9 September 2023


Welcome to another parkrun photo round-up from around the Nordics! Plenty of sunshine and smiles as we welcomed another 1500+ parkrunners to our events right across the region.
Here’s some of the highlights:


A sunny morning on the west coast with nearly 100 parkrunners joining Stavanger parkrun on Saturday


Talking of 100, big congratulations to Cristina on reaching her 100 milestones – participation and volunteering – at the same time whilst Tailwalking at Ekebergsletta parkrun

Ekebergsletta walkers

More park walkers here at Ekebergsletta parkrun

Nansen 1


Nansen 2


Nansen 3


Nansen 4

On the other side of Oslo, a great selection of photos of people enjoying themselves at this week’s Nansenparken parkrun

Toeyn 1


Toeyn 2

Staying in Oslo, here’s a couple of shots from Saturday’s Tøyen parkrun

Vibeke 300

Well done to Vibeke reaching her 300th parkrun at Amager Strandpark parkrun

Strandpark youngsters

And welcome to these youngsters also enjoying Amager Strandpark this week


A strong turnout again at Billdalsparken parkrun this week, including some visitors from Växjösjön parkrun

Örebro 1


Örebro 2

A misty morning for the volunteers at this week’s Örebro parkrun


Still a strong summer vibe at this week’s Pokkinen parkrun in Oulu


Likewise in Jyväskylä, here at the start of Mattilanniemi parkrun

Vääksy Anssi

The fastest time in Finland today was a speedy 16:17 run by Anssi at Vääksyn kanava parkrun!


A stylish shot of some of the runners at this week’s Damhusengen parkrun

Amager Faelled 2

Massive congratulations to the legendary Anne at Amager Fælled parkrun. Reaching her 500th volunteering milestone this weekend, Anne is a well known face at parkrun, and much loved for her vocal encouragement of the parkrunners as they run past!

Tampere 1

Thank to you the volunteer team at this week’s Tampere parkrun

Puolar 1


Puolar 2

Thanks to Lorna and the team for another great morning in Espoo at Puolarmaari parkrun


Post parkrun cuddle with a furry friend at Festningen parkrun

Lovstien hot dog

This week at Løvstien parkrun in Bergen we welcomed a….hot dog! Fresh from the Médoc Marathon apparently…..

Lovstien  1

Another slightly more conventionally dressed parkrunner enjoying the beautiful scenery at Løvstien parkrun this week


Some of the participants enjoying Skien Fritidspark parkrun this week

Huddinge Hill

Still smiling, even when taking on the Huddinge parkrun hill!


At the start of this week’s Växjösjön parkrun


Before the start of this week’s Skatås parkrun in Göteborg


A Tailwalker selfie at the pre-run briefing at this week’s Malmö Ribersborg parkrun



Haga Tail

And finally a couple of snaps from this week’s Haga parkrun, with 131 people taking part this week

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