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Welcome to Växjö parkrun!

We’re delighted to announce details of another parkrun that we hope to launch during 2019, Växjö parkrun!   We’ve long felt that Växjö would be a wonderful place for a parkrun, bringing the first parkrun event to Småland, and the fact that the beautiful Växjösjön at the centre of the town is almost exactly 5km…

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Bli en del i att ta parkrun till Linköping!

parkrun har spridits till sju ställen runt om i Sverige och nu finns planer för nästa stad – Linköping!   Hjärnan bakom dessa planer är Lisa Ring, en maratonlöpare som tävlade för Sverige på VM i London 2017.     Efter att hon deltagit i Huddinge parkrun tillsammans med en vän förra hösten, bestämde sig…

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Be a part of bringing parkrun to Linköping!

parkrun has spread to seven locations around Sweden and now plans are being developed for the next city in line – Linköping!   The plans are the brainchild of Lisa Ring, the marathon runner who has competed for Sweden at the World Championships in London in 2017.     After taking part in Huddinge parkrun…

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Ten quirky facts about your Nordic neighbours

Can you name all 22 Nordic parkruns? If not, here are ten quirky facts from our Event Directors to help you get to know our Nordic neighbours. Fact 1 – Flour arrows “Almost all the Danish events use flour arrows to mark out the course,” says Michael Jensen from Esbjerg parkrun. Flour arrows were even…

Nordre Faelled Randers
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Spring is in the air! – this week’s parkrun Nordics photo roll-call

Judging by this week’s photos, Spring is in the air – well, at least in Denmark! A few events still fell foul of the icy conditions, but we bring you a selection of photos from everywhere else that was able to go ahead as planned.   For the first time, we bring you pictures from…

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This week’s photos – from the events that beat the ice!

We’re glad to say that all the Danish events were able to go ahead on Saturday, but an icy grip took hold in the rest of the Nordics, with only 5 events across the other three countries beating the freeze.   This meant that we had just 13 events go ahead this past weekend, but…

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From Denmark to Dresden, with parkrun love!

Since 2011, my mother (Who now has 250+ runs) tried to persuade me to run parkrun with her, she knew I enjoyed running. Sadly I was working every Saturday morning, and was therefore unable to participate. However in 2014 I changed jobs and was able to try it out.     Obviously I loved it……

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Jansku – a special runner

Jansku is a very severely disabled man and finding a hobby or learning to communicate have been almost impossible for him. Approximately for five years ago Jansku, with the support of close relatives, got an eye-gaze computer so he could start practicing communicating. Jansku was interested in the computer and slowly but surely started to…

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Jansku – erilainen juoksija

Jansku on hyvin vaikeavammainen mies ja siksi kaikki harrastaminen ja kommunikointi on ollut lähes mahdotonta. Noin 5 vuotta sitten Jansku omaisten avulla sai kokeiluun tietokoneen, joka toimii katseella. Jansku oli koneesta kiinnostunut ja pikkuhiljaa alkoi löytää siitä keinon, millä hän sai omia mielipiteitään esille. Aluksi tietysti se oli vaikeaa, koska yli 30 vuotta aina joku…

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parkrun Nordics news

In today’s world, it’s so easy to spend hours sitting in a chair looking at a screen, feeling cut off from the outdoors and the rest of our community.   At parkrun we are doing our small piece to buck that trend. We want to help people to get outdoors, connect with nature and be…

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