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Numerical parkruns

Numbers and statistics have always been a huge part of parkrun. From the very first event when 13 runners and five volunteers took part, right up to the present day which has just seen us top 50,000,000 completed parkruns.   And that’s before we even get to milestones, average attendances, total distance run, age grading percentages,…

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Why (park)run?

The other day, I was listening to a motivational sports meditation on Headspace and the question was posed: Why do you do it? It got me to thinking about why I run and why, specifically, I (park)run.   Here´s a disclaimer. I do not actually (park)run. As in, I have never actually run a parkrun!…

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More people, more PBs, more volunteers, more parkrun!

Phew! June has been a busy month for our events across the Nordics. Never before have we had so many events, so many people taking part, achieving PBs and helping as volunteers. Well done to all, and thanks to every single one of you who has put on a volunteers’ vest during this month –…

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parkrun in pictures – our weekly photo round-up:

A lovely shot of runners and volunteers at this week’s Malmö Ribersborg parkrun   Not a bad view at Malmö’s café either – at Ribersborgs Kallbadhus   Some of the volunteer team helping to make things run smoothly at Örebro parkrun this Saturday   Pretty easy to spot who can jump the highest! (again at…

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The midsummer photo-round up from around the Nordics

It was Midsummer weekend, as good a reason as any to celebrate with a parkrun! Here’s the photo round-up from this Saturday’s events:     Örebro parkrun marked the occasion with 69 participants coming down to take part   Lars Lanneborn also became the first person from Sweden to reach the 100-run milestone. Congratulations Lars!…

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8 sätt att återfå suget till parkrun

Oavsett om du är ny på parkrun, eller om du har deltagit i flera år, är det naturligt att ibland komma in i en parkrun-svacka. Kämpar du för att behålla motivationen? Har dina tider stagnerat? Frestad att trycka på snooze-knappen? Behöver du insipration?   Här är 8 sätt du kan återupptäcka din parkrun ”mojo”!  …

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parkrun Tourism

Recently on Sweden’s National day, we were visited by a group of dedicated parkrun tourists from the UK…   Intrigued by the yellow, white and black buff that was proudly being worn by some of the participants (see the picture above), we thought we would dig a little bit deeper at some of the traditions…

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Midsummer parkrun – open as usual!

Of course it’s midsummer this Friday, and time for big celebrations in Sweden and Finland.     Will parkrun still be on at our events? For sure!       Midsummer is a time for coming together, so why not come and join other fellow parkrunners to celebrate the occasion with a free and friendly…

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Grethe & Steen Kristensen – to sande parkrun helte!

Da vi postede billedet af Steen og Grethe ved parkrun beachflaget på facebook, fik vi det højeste antal likes og kommentarer på noget opslag, vi nogensinde har lavet. Og det var i den grad velfortjent.   Siden det første Amager Strandpark parkrun for godt 7 år siden har Grethe og Steen, suverænt, været de hyppigste…

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The week in pictures

Welcome to the photos from a sunny, summer Saturday of parkrun around the Nordics! Take the tour by having a look through the pictures below.     It was the 400th event at Fælledparken, and they celebrated in style with a record attendance of 154 runners, joggers and walkers on Saturday   It makes you…

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