Lots of snow
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Feedback from the Field

At Pokkinen parkrun, Oulu we were running in a blizzard with 25 cm fresh snow around us – our snowiest run yet!

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It’s always warm at parkrun

It’s February and for the northern hemisphere it’s been a typically cold winter.   Getting out and being active is possible in all seasons, even in the coldest of temperatures!   In some parkrun places, like Canada, the USA, Poland and Russia, it can get extremely cold. But, with a little bit of preparation, parkrun…

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Photo roundup from the Nordic parkrun events: 5 February

A real range of weather conditions on display across the Nordics, with plenty of freshly fallen snow to keep some events on their toes! Here’s the best of the action from our events this weekend.             First up, some photos from Amager Fælled parkrun, and congratulations to Carl on his…

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Why we love walkers

Did you know South Africa is the parkrun country with the most walkers? At parkrun no-one needs to worry about being the last in the finish funnel, about being too slow, or feeling isolated and alone. At every parkrun event, anywhere in the world, it is the volunteer Tail Walker who is always the last…

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Photo roundup from the Nordic parkrun events: 29 January

Welcome to the round-up from this week’s Nordic parkruns. Storm Malik was on its way across the region and our western events, including the whole of Denmark, were treated to a very wet morning. Further north it looked lovely in snowy Finland, while the icy conditions forced some cancellations elsewhere. Take a look:    …

Waterford Nature parkrun in partnership with Vhi
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10 tips for mindfulness at parkrun

At parkrun, you can simply start by showing up. Mindfulness Coach Davina Driver, from Dømmesmoen parkrun in Grimstad, Norway, takes us through some practical mindfulness strategies to help us appreciate everything that parkrun, and our surroundings, have to give.   I recently read a book that got me thinking about parkrun as a place where…

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Photo roundup from the Nordic parkrun events: 22 January

Welcome to the photo round-up from our Nordic events from this past weekend! After an absence of a few weeks, we welcomed back Stavanger & Løvstien parkrun in Norway, and Tampere parkrun in Finland. Here’s a few shots of the action.   Keeping the Tail Walker company at Billdalsparken parkrun in Sweden this week  …

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Feedback from the Field

“I have run 172 Parkrun in 7 years, all at Amager Fælled. The corona break was long! The last few years I’ve been the best in my age group every time because I’m the only one! I am 70 years old now.   My New Years wish is that more women keep running after they…

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Virtual volunteering

The Virtual Volunteer app has revolutionised timekeeping and barcode scanning at parkrun.    The first country to be entirely app only was Germany, five years ago. And now, post pandemic, the rest of the parkrun world has followed.   Here’s why we love the app.   In 2017, Germany became the first country to launch…

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På grunn av oppmykning av restriksjoner kan vi starte opp parkrun igjen i Norge

Etter at restriksjonene har blitt endret, og idrett for voksne utendørs kan gjennomføres uten antallsbegrensninger åpner vi nå opp for parkrun i Norge igjen.   ‘’Voksne kan utøve aktivitet utendørs som normalt” og vi åpner opp igjen for å arrangere parkrun. Vi minner om at man enda skal holde 1 meter avstand om mulig, og…

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