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Nyckeln till en frisk generation

Last week I attended a conference hosted by ‘En Frisk Generation’ an organisation that works to inspire and motivate families to choose a healthy lifestyle.   The conference, entitled ‘Nyckeln till en frisk generation’, was looking at the issues around the future health of the next generation. Speakers included Gabriel Wikström (the Minister for Folkhälsa,…

Haga 1 october group blog
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parkrun Sweden on film

Now if someone asks you ‘what’s parkrun and how it does work?’, you’ll have an answer for them.   We’ve put together a video taken from Haga parkrun to show people what parkrun is all about. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, so I suppose that a video must be a million…

Icy not icy
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Course inspections, cancellations & the winter that doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going…

As you will know, last week we decided to cancel Haga parkrun, due to the dangerously icy conditions out there on the course.   We’ll always err on the side of caution when it comes to safety – I know of a couple of people who are slipped on the ice whilst out running and…

Mind photo newsletter
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Årets julklapp är början på ett samtal

Vårt språk växte fram i en tid då det var viktigare att överleva än att känna efter. Därför saknar vi fortfarande ord för att beskriva vårt mående. Ord vi behöver för att må bättre, om vi ska lyssna till forskning om psykisk hälsa.   Boken Ord Inuti är ett bidrag till det svenska språket. Med…

Not fit enough
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parkrun – no need to wait until ‘you’re fit enough’!

Sometimes I have heard the following:   ‘Yes, I’ll come and do parkrun sometime, but only when I’m fit enough’   I hope to convince you that the there’s no need to wait and the time to come to parkrun is now! Here’s 7 reasons to come along to parkrun!   1. No-one’s judging you…

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parkrun and Strava

One of parkrun’s global partners is the activity tracker & athletes community Strava. The service is free and it’s an excellent way of recording the workouts that you do, through either the Strava website or app. (Strava also offers a ‘Premium’ service with added functionality, but the free service definitely gives you all you need…

parkrun melbourne
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4 weeks, 3 countries – parkrun around the world!

Paul Balsom, who’s on the parkrun Sweden Board, has a busy schedule, working with both Leicester City and the Swedish national football team.   On top of this, he’s also a passionate parkrunner. Here’s his report of his parkrunning experiences over the past month. (The photo is taken from the Albert Park parkrun in Melbourne…

Johanna Mind newsletter
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En berättelse om Haga parkrun 161105

Det är nollgradigt ute och jag klär mig i många lager för att hålla mig varm. Fikar lite och hämtar upp en väninna som är ännu mer morgontrött än jag. Det är faktiskt skönt ute och molntäcket spricker upp ibland. Vi är överens om att det är klart värt besväret när man väl kommer upp….

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Celebrating a milestone!

As we’ve only been in existence for 10 weeks, I thought we would have to wait a while before we reached our first milestone t-shirt.   You receive a t-shirt, free of charge (you just need to pay the postage) after you’ve run 50, 100, 250 and now even 500 parkruns (now that’s a lot…

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parkrun photos

Another fantastic thing about parkrun is that we try and make sure we have someone taking photos of the event every week. Everyone wants to see themselves in a picture and have a great memory of their parkrun!   Normally in a running race this would cost you a few hundred kronor, but luckily, like…

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