News - January 22, 2020

Friends helping friends


In 2020, why not make it a resolution to introduce a friend to parkrun? Gan Leong Huat, shares his parkrun story….


Malaysian, Gan Leong Huat, enjoys running to keep healthy. Knowing Gan’s enthusiasm for running, his Singaporean friend told him about parkrun and this led to Gan joining for the first time in May of last year.


As he describes it, “parkrun in Presint18, Putrajaya is just wonderful. The scenery is really great and there is a good running path. You can compete with other good runners and you can improve your time, but the most important thing is that you are doing it for your own health. The people and the volunteers are very friendly too.”


Gan has made parkrun a family affair by involving his wife, teenage boys, extended family and friends. However, a work opportunity in Tokyo last year made him relish the opportunity to experience parkrun in Japan and he visited Futakotamagawa parkrun in Tokyo. There, the cooler climate resulted in a great parkrun personal best time of 21:48. While this is a fantastic achievement, what is particularly wonderful is that Gan, in turn, was able to introduce his Japanese friend Yamashita Takehito to parkrun Japan. They had worked on the same IT project 17 years previously and maintained their friendship over the years by occasional catch-ups over dinner when Gan visited Tokyo.




Now they have shared parkrun experiences to further cement their friendship.

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