News - January 29, 2020

Seizing opportunities


Mahomed Khatri lost his sight aged 16 due to multiple retinal detachments and now has no sight or light perception in either eye. 


Mahomed has not let his sight loss define him however, and it doesn’t quell his enthusiasm for exploring new countries and trying fun activities such as skydiving and, of course, parkrunning.


Mahomed explains, “ At first everything is challenging, but only because I have fears of rejection or failure. I’m fortunate that I have a supportive circle around me that encourages me to do everything that someone sighted does, and also fortunate that I’m very competitive and want to win and do well regardless!


Travelling can be challenging and you cannot do this on your own. While it’s never easy to arrange travelling with friends, it is important to seize opportunities that are presented to us.


Mahomed says running at parkrun has been one of the easiest things he has done. All it took was sending one email to his local parkrun and quickly had a couple of people offering to run with him.


When they couldn’t attend parkrun one week, they asked their friends, and before long, He had multiple people to go for training runs with during the week and at parkrun.


“Running makes me feel better and improves my mental health. I feel stronger, I get sick less… and, best of all, I feel valued in society as my guide runners are always so willing to help and support me, no matter how fast or slow I run. It always amazes me how willing they are and I’m very grateful for their support.” Mahomed said.




Having now completed parkruns in Australia, the UK and Malaysia contacting each parkrun in advance in the key to success in finding a VI (visually impaired) guide willing to help.


Mohamad’s advice for other visually impaired runners keen to join a parkrun: “Just email your local parkrun and ask for a guide. The first time around just walk the course – it’s fine, and it gets you out of the house. I’m so glad I started doing it as now it’s a regular Saturday fixture in my diary, and I have made new friends, found a new reason to look forward to the weekend, and found a fun way of enhancing my health. “

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