News - May 18, 2021

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update 18 May


For the first time in 14 months more than 700 parkrun events took place around the world last weekend, with over 66,000 participants walking, jogging, running and volunteering, including 3,500 people who took part for the very first time.


Every parkrun event that restarts represents another community reunited, and is a massive step forward for the whole parkrun movement. It has often felt like progress has been slow, but quietly and efficiently, parkrun is returning to our parks and open spaces, and it is being warmly embraced by communities that cherish being outdoors, active and social, together.


This coming Saturday we are excited to welcome back ten events across the USA, followed by the resumption of two junior events in Northern Ireland on Sunday.


Next week (Saturday 29 May) we are delighted to be welcoming back 30 events across South Africa and in further positive news we can now confirm that we plan to restart events in Poland on Saturday 12 June, followed by Denmark on Saturday 19 June.


As we mentioned on Friday last week, the situation is improving right across the UK, with more junior events restarting in Wales soon, plans to resume junior events in Scotland from 20 June, and a good chance that we can start planning for Saturday 5k events to return in Scotland and Northern Ireland in early July.


We continue to work hard with landowners for 5k events in England, receiving the permissions necessary to reopen events on 5 June. We currently have full or partial permission from landowners representing 237 events, and are working with another 270 landowners at various stages of the process. Meanwhile we are waiting to hear from a further group of landowners representing 63 events.


We are incredibly grateful to all those landowners who have responded so far, and granted permission for the return of events. In order to provide some certainty for local communities, and to give enough time for event teams to prepare, we will be making an announcement this coming Friday (21 May) to confirm whether or not events are able to return on 5 June as planned.


Thanks for your continued support, we are getting through this together.


Tom Williams

Chief Operating Officer

parkrun Global


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