News - April 21, 2022

My community


Sarah James has come to realise that her involvement in parkrun is strongly linked to a desire to be part of her community.


Each week I read the parkrun articles and how lives have been transformed, whether it be for a variety of health concerns either physical/mental or for simply getting fitter. But at the heart of every article there is a common thread… community. We all need it, and many desire it because we want to belong and connect.


I can identify with this as I come from the Valleys in Wales, U.K. and can remember growing up trying to go shopping with my parents. You would think that this would be a simple task, but no it would often take far longer as my parents would chat to just about everyone they saw. Community was a huge part of my childhood, an extension of my family.


Since my first run in October 2015 I was a participant, then a RD and now Event Director. I have seen my network of parkrun friends grow immeasurably, making waking up on a Saturday morning a lot easier, and look forward to my post run chats.


But my parkrun experience doesn’t just end when we scan our barcodes, some will have a picnic in the summer, children on the playground, BBQ breakfast in the winter but the one thing that is consistent each week for a large group of our runners is going to Canning River Cafe which is about 100metres from our finish line.




Each week there is a mass of parkrunners, who coffee, eat or just catch up at the café. I have pondered and thought about them and realised that parkrun is a vehicle to community that goes beyond just running. Thankfully, the café has a similar heart, with an environment that creates community. Which parkrunners love!


Running, community and café! What a great combination. It makes getting out of bed during winter a whole lot easier.


Sarah James

Canning River parkrunner

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