News - 9th May 2023

Celebrating 500 in the 500 walk, jog, run milestone club


Each week, all around the world, we celebrate those who reach a milestone club. But last weekend, parkrun hit a major landmark. We’re proud to now have over 500 members in the 500 walk, jog, run milestone club!


Out of eight million global registered parkrunners, more than 600,000 people are part of a walk, jog, run milestone club. But as of Saturday 29 April 2023, 506 of them are a part of the 500 milestone club.




In fact, the members of this milestone club have completed 280,796 5k parkruns between them and attended 2,214 different parkruns all over the world. That’s 1.4 million kilometres of walking, jogging and running. Meaning that between them, the 500 milestone club has completed the diameter of the Sun at parkrun!


Did you know that if you went to a parkrun every weekend…

It would take you nine and a half years to get to 500 parkruns?


Whether they walked at their own pace or jogged their way around the last 500 parkruns, we want to acknowledge these 506 parkrunners because showing up and taking part is worth celebrating over finish times.




Even when parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt started Bushy Park Time Trial back in 2004, participation was celebrated over finish times. The final finishers received the same mention and cheers as the first finisher, and this is something that has stayed the same for nearly 19 years.




Every time you participate in a parkrun, you get one step closer to an official parkrun milestone, which rewards those who have attended 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 times.


Ever since Darren Wood became the first person to hit

500 parkruns in 2015, the long awaited 500 milestone

club was born, along with a Royal blue t-shirt.


Once you hit a milestone, an icon showing your accomplishment appears on your parkrun profile, and you can also snap up a milestone tee, pin badge, wristband and more to mark the occasion. Don’t worry, there are also the same milestones for volunteers too.



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