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parkrun was a form of therapy

Joanna Dudziak lives in London and is the run director at two locations – Gunnersbury parkrun and Acton junior parkrun. When she moved to the city, taking part in parkrun provided Joanna with an opportunity to get to know her community and enjoy different parkrun locations with her visually impaired friend.   Joanna writes about…

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Memorable family moments

Katie Porkess found herself setting up a new parkrun after being encouraged by her granddaughter to go to her first event. Now, Katie’s entire family is enjoying time at parkrun and even breaking records!   I was introduced to parkrun in 2019 by my eldest daughter, Sheuli and her family, with particular encouragement from my…

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Finding a global community at parkrun

After going to her first parkrun in 2015 with her grandchildren, Marion Wilding found a welcoming community. She writes how her parkrun journey has taken her to places she never thought she would go to.   I initially heard about parkrun as my friends were talking about it and I thought it was a wonderful…

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Top five tips for parkrunning in the sun

Summer is officially here! With high temperatures ahead of us, we’ve put together our five top tips to help you parkrun in the sun.   1. Dress for the weather   As temperatures begin to rise, you need to make sure you don’t overheat whilst walking, jogging, running or volunteering.   It’s best to wear…

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Modernising results processing and volunteer management

The parkrun mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of as many people as possible, no matter who they are, no matter where they live. We want to make it as easy as possible to deliver parkrun events every weekend.   Investing in and enhancing event support systems means we are able to keep…

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We’re one team

All around the world, we’ve seen more than 28,000 different people volunteer in the parkwalker role and together, they’ve parkwalked more than 52,000 times!   We speak to one of the parkwalkers, Cathy Hannon, about why she chooses to volunteer in her favourite role every Saturday morning. Cathy’s chronic condition means that parkwalking is the…

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parkrun is my safe space

Izzy has anxiety and often finds going out and about on her own scary and difficult. She has been a parkrunner since 2014 and finds her local parkrun community offers her a safe space where she feels comfortable and not judged.   My first parkrun was in 2014. My mum had been a few times and…

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Five tips for your first volunteering at parkrun

If volunteering for the first time at parkrun is one of your New Year’s resolutions but you’re not sure what to expect, read these five tips for volunteering to see why we love it so much!   1. Bring someone with you   From our volunteering research, we know that some people who are volunteering…

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Finally getting my camera out again

Have you ever wondered what a parkrun looks like over in Japan? You’re in the right place! We recently talked to Ikeya Kenjiro, the event director at Kashiwanoha parkrun about how it changed his Saturday mornings, and why he loves volunteering at parkrun.   I first heard about parkrun in April 2019 when a flyer was delivered…

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It’s impossible to be too slow

Almost everyone has had the same thought at some point. I’m too old, young, shy, anxious, unfit…   When a friend suggested to Christie Farrow that she might like to take part in parkrun her reaction was “I’m too slow”.   Sport wasn’t part of Christie’s life growing up. It was something she enjoyed, but…

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