Episode 5 - Beetroot Masala Crepes Blog Post
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Cook with Co-op

Let us liven up brunch and add some colour to your meal time with our take on a family favourite. Learn how to make savoury pancakes with Co-op and Jenni Falconer!   Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. When you hear the word ‘healthy’, you can often worry that it means you can’t enjoy…

The parkrun resolution_Twitter_1024x512px_JAN WEEK 2
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Taking small steps forward

It’s week two of The parkrun Resolution and it’s all about taking small steps forward. We’re here for you. Read on for this week’s top tips and don’t forget to celebrate what you’ve done so far.   Often the hardest thing to do is start: to start something new, make a change, do something differently….

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update 12 January

This Saturday, parkrun events in Victoria, Australia, will return, and next Saturday we are reopening another nine Russian events, of which four are completely new, taking us to 23 live events there.   Whilst these are relatively small steps, each step is a positive move forward. However, following on from last week’s update, we remain…

Tony Collier 5
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Tony Collier’s diagnosis with prostate cancer did not signal the end of his enjoyment of running instead it was the start of his love affair with parkrun.   I admit it, I never truly got parkrun and it took a life changing event for me to really understand the ethos.   I didn’t start running…

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When the time comes we will be ready

In this guest blog, cancer doctor and 13x Ironman Champion Lucy Gossage talks to us about how 5K Your Way, Move Against Cancer, provided by Move charity, has been forced to change its focus dramatically during lockdown.   Lucy advocates for the multiple physical and psychological benefits of being active, during and after cancer treatment. With 5k…

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Time to put a cork in it – top tips for getting you through dry January

With Christmas well and truly over, decorations packed away and the new year in full swing, many of us may be setting some realistic resolutions for 2021.   This could be getting more organised, increasing our daily exercise, trying to eat a little healthier after the Christmas break or even taking part in Dry January….

Christina Harrison 1
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(not)parkrunning in isolation

Christina Harrison has a passion for parkrun and has been (not)parkrunning each week since March. So, when required to isolate, she needed to hatch a (not)parkrun plan!    My first parkrun was on 28th of September 2013 at Tilgate parkrun in Crawley. My sister, Julianne, who was already a keen parkrunner said that parkrun was…

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Changing and saving lives

Angela Fukutome is Event Director at Sanukikodomonokuni parkrun in Japan. She was never a ‘runner’, describing herself as someone who always had a ‘tummy ache’ on cross country day.   On a visit home to the UK she plucked up the courage to go to Wilmslow parkrun, and that day changed everything. Here’s her story.  …

Pam Bennett 10
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Celebrating 70 with a hilly 5k!

Pam Bennett took up parkrunning in 2019 aged 68yrs and hasn’t let lockdown get in the way of her regular, hilly 5k or the goal for her 70th birthday.    I first heard about parkrun when I got a flyer through the letter box about the start of the Marshall Drive parkrun and wondered if…

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Cook With Co-op: Mixed Berry & Cocoa Smoothie

A healthy post (not)parkrun recipe doesn’t need to be complicated or include lots of ingredients, our simple smoothie packs enough of a punch to kick-start your day and refuel in the right way. This recipe is assembled the night before, which means one quick blitz in the blender and you are good to go, perfect…