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Supporting those impacted by cancer with 5k Your Way

The reopening of parkrun events across UK and Ireland has brought a smile to all of our faces, not least the members of the many 5K Your Way groups who are finally able to get together, in person, again.    Linked to parkrun events, 5K Your Way is a community-based initiative to encourage those living…

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What are you thankful for?

Each year, parkruns around the world celebrate one ‘special day’, where they can hold an additional parkrun outside of the usual Saturday morning.   The United States are about to celebrate Thanksgiving, and with it their special parkrunday. Join us as we take a look at the tradition.   For much of United States history,…

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Scanning from mobile devices

Since the personal barcode system was introduced in 2009, over 60 million instances of participation have been recorded at parkrun events around the world.   Over that time we have insisted that in order to record a time, all finishers must present a printed barcode (either in the form of a paper printout or an…

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A great vibe

Karl Watson went from knowing nothing about parkrun, to becoming an absolute convert.   Now a regular at Conkers parkrun, he tells us his story.   “Bring t-shirt, shorts and trainers.”   My parkrun journey started with those words!   Back in May 2019, I was planning to meet up with friends for a weekend…

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New adventures

Nicola Fowler has mild cerebral palsy. Looking for a way to get fit, she started parkrunning in 2018.   Nicola then joined a local running club, and is now representing them at club events, and enjoying all kinds of new adventures.     I’m 37 and suffer mild Cerebral Palsy which mainly affects my fine…

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One more step

Liz Barber celebrated her 73rd birthday at parkrun on the day events returned in England.   It was also an important milestone in her recovery from a serious quadbike accident. Here’s her story.   I’d heard about parkrun but had never considered trying one, as I do not regard myself as a runner. My brief attempts at…

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Happy to be back

After a cancer diagnosis and being told he might never walk again, Chris O’Brien made it his mission to come back to parkrun.    Here he tells us his story, from facing the possibility of having his leg amputated, to returning to volunteering, and completing the course on crutches.   I ‘accidentally’ got into running…

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It’s not about the run at all

David Croxson hated any form of exercise, with memories of being picked last at school firmly in his mind.   But after embarking on a couch to 5k programme, he soon found parkrun, and with it a place where he was welcomed and encouraged, and exercise didn’t feel like exercise.   At school I dreaded…

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Absolutely determined

Was it a bird? Was it a plane? No. It was six very special guests completing their first 5k after life changing spinal injuries.   Event Director Jo tells us about the incredible morning at Hull parkrun.   As we gathered at the start, in East Park, Hull, there was something in the air. Something…

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Forever grateful

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer aged 40, Tim Beynon found running, and parkrun, to be the tonic he needed to get through the psychological and physical challenges of cancer.   Today, thankfully in remission, he is on a mission to make more men take their health seriously. Here he explains why a regular dose of…